Monday, July 28, 2014

Secret list revealing which type of callers are least likely to actually hire a polygraph examiner!

All calls from potential clients are taken seriously. But busy Examiners can value the following statistical data.

PEOA's 200 websites typically receive dozens of calls per day for examiners nationwide. Approximately 70% of all callers actually have an exam conducted within 30 days of their call. Careful records for many years are maintained as to details of the each intake call and to its follow-up. A lengthy detailed list of which type of callers actually hired vs those that were just time-wasters is sent each year to PEOA members; here is just a few pieces from the list. All callers are important, but which are least-likely to actually become a client that month?

Partial list of caller-types of which less than 10% actually have an exam conducted that month:
1. Callers from blocked numbers.
2. Callers who ask 'Is there a charge for the exam?"
3. Callers where the caller is crying.
4. Requestors who send a lengthy e-mail about their situation instead.
5. Callers where a baby can be heard crying in the background.
6. Callers that introduce themselves as 'Mister' _____ .
7. Callers who say that they are calling for a friend.
8. Callers that call-back several times the same day.
9. Callers that call from one phone number but ask you to call them at another phone number.
10. Very-late-night callers.
11. Callers who say "Price is no object" (usually just trying to scare nearby girlfriend)
12-23. (On list available to participating PEOA members only)

Of even more value is the list of caller-types of which 80% or better actually had an exam conducted that month. This allows that more phone time could actually be spent on these proven usually more-likely serious clients. That list is only available to participating PEOA members.