Friday, September 28, 2018

Polygraph examiners discussing the Judge Kavanaugh accuser's polygraph test

Polygraph examiners discussing the Judge Cavanaugh accuser's polygraph test

-- blood pressure cuff, left arm vs right arm

-- location used

-- chair used

-- testing was three hours after funeral of Examinee's grandmother

-- she claims to have cried throughout the polygraph exam

--------- blood/adrenaline would have been a mess

--she claims that the polygraph guy only asked her two questions

--------- is 'only two questions' a problem with her memory or did the examiner not do a real test?

--neither of the questions specifically mentioned Kavanaugh or the alleged event

-- She said she didn't know who paid for the test

--used questions about her statement instead of asking questions directly such as "Did Kavanaugh push you on to a bed?"