Thursday, December 31, 2009

New member, from Manchester England

Watch for a profile soon!

PEOA 2010 Examiner Of The Year

East coast: Andrew G

West coast: Levy B


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Using GSR/EDA 'white snap-in stickies' instead of steel & velcro, #3 of 3

---if you only have the stainless-steel & velcro finger electrodes for gsr/eda, all 4 instrument manufacturers offer either snap-in adapters or new leads with snaps.

---don't buy replacement 'white stickies' from the instrument manufacturers: buy fresher ones from where they buy them from! (PEOA members: a list is available to you that contains several direct distributors of 'white stickies')

Using GSR/EDA 'white snap-in stickies' instead of steel & velcro, #2 of 3

Most 'white stickies' (also used on the chest of EKG patients) have a shelf-life of 18 months for the typically-used 'pre-gelled' ones.
What goes bad? The 'gel' in the center of the electrode actually evaporates, making a very-poor transferance of the body's signals.
You can buy the medical gel itself if needed.

Using GSR/EDA 'white snap-in stickies' instead of steel & velcro, #1 of 3

Reminder: when fingertips are giving poor or no GSR/EDA tracings, give the white stickies a try instead, on the palm of the hand.

PEOA member John Grogan to get his 5000 Polygraph Examinations plaque in January

At the PEOA January 2010 PCSOT training.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Two new websites added, to bring more work to PEOA members!

There are more than 100 websites up & running that bring in the work.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Relevant-Questions reminder:

--should contain no and's, or's, or commas

--should be no longer than 14 words long

--must be clearly Yes or No answerable

--should use no 'pretty' words (like 'affair' or 'slept with')

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Israel accused of interrogating medical patients from Gaza
Eventually he was questioned while attached to what he was told was a polygraph machine. He was asked about his relatives, about his neighbours and about ...

Heather's family knows Hembree, but did not suspect himGaston Gazette
Vandiford took a polygraph test and had his mouth swabbed for DNA. “I told them that's fine. I'll help with whatever they need,” said Vandiford. ...

Criminal justice teacher's sex abuse charge to be handed to grand juryDothan Eagle
Police said the alleged crime happened at Bae's business, Bae Polygraph & Hypnosis Center, located on North Oates Street near downtown Dothan. ...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Monterey County CA: a jewelry store needs 5 persons tested about missing jewelry

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Panel exonerates teacher accused of touching girls
Online Athens
Even though a polygraph test backed up Burwell's claims that he was innocent, he decided to resign to protect the students instead of fighting a ...

Parents question'bullying' policy implementation
Cape Coral Daily Breeze
Later, the mother of the child accused of bullying had her son - who denied the allegations - undergo a polygraph test which indicated he was telling the ...

Girl alleges abuse by friend's dad
Record Herald
22 when he was scheduled to take a polygraph, police said Forsha wrote a statement that admitted touching the girl inappropriately. He signed the statement, ...

Man gets 8 years for role in home invasions
Journal and Courier
Under Belmont's plea agreement with the Tippecanoe County prosecutor's office, he must provide a cleanup statement to police and take a polygraph test, ...

Two jailed in '05 killing on Letitia; third sought
Vicksburg Post
Discrepancies in Blue's story and evidence gathered in the investigation suggested her involvement, and she later declined a polygraph test, officials said. ...

Past Theories and Your Theories
The prosecutor offered Lamborgine plea deals that could have reduced his sentence, but would have required him to submit to a polygraph test regarding the ...

Motion denied in Dillon case
Florida Today
Fair attached a record of Chapman's lengthy criminal history, a transcript of his interview with Chapman and summaries of unfavorable polygraph tests ...

The Responsibilities and Authority of the Secretary of Labor
American Chronicle
This law bars most employers from using lie detectors on employees, but permits polygraph tests only in limited circumstances. It is administered by the ...

Leetonia man gets five years for son's death
The Review
Hartford noted during the seven-month investigation into his son's death, Snow voluntarily cooperated with investigators and offered to take a polygraph ...

Reports state that Tiger Woods offered Rachel Uchitel hush money: press ...
She has adamantly denied having an affair with Tiger Woods, agreed to undergo a polygraph, and gave a lengthy tell-all interview to the New York Post ...

Man admits being accessory in rock-garden murder case
Gay and Lesbian Times
He submitted to a polygraph test and was told his test showed he was deceptive in some of his answers. He gave more details, according to court records. ...

Teacher Says Prosecutor Ruined Her
Courthouse News Service
Among other things, she says Sanders knew that she had passed a polygraph test, that the student failed to identify her lower-back tattoo, and that there ...

Homicide witness remains in jail
UI The Daily Iowan
Marshall then agreed to take a polygraph test about the shooting, and officials “determined that he was being deceptive,” reports said. ...

18-year-old arrested on sex abuse charges after returning to Mobi
Bowen, accompanied by his adoptive father, fled to New York after he was questioned by police but before a scheduled polygraph test, police said. ...

Suspect in Levy death accused of obstructionWashington Times
Investigators had questioned Guandique about Miss Levy's disappearance, even administering a polygraph test, which he passed, after another inmate said ...

Sabharwal son to face second lie detector test
Times of India - New Delhi,India
The north district police conducted a lie-detection test on Himanshu and his ... "We have asked Himanshu to come back for another lie-detection test later ...

Town Seeks To Replace Police Lie Detector
Hartford Courant
Next Tuesday, the town council will discuss spending $4278.25 of federal drug enforcement funds to buy a new polygraph because the current machine ...

Man shot to death at home
Greenwood Commonwealth
Several people have been taken to the state crime lab in Batesville for polygraph tests, according to the sheriff. The body is at the Jackson crime lab for ...

Rachel Uchitel in pictures!
World News
Though, the lady has denied having any affair with him and has offered to take a polygraph to prove it. She claims that the Enquirer(which first published ...

Man arrested on strangulation charges
Buck was ordered to take a polygraph test. According to the affidavit, Buck was deceptive in his answers. You must be logged in to rate this story. ...

St. Albans police soon hiringCharleston Gazette
Applicants who pass both tests will be put on an eligibility list for further testing that includes a background investigation, polygraph test, ...

Municipal agency in Kern County CA looking to contract exams as-needed

Their data was sent directly to PEOA members.

Friday, December 4, 2009

21-page guide from DACA: Using the US Military's PCASS (portable combat-area polygraph instrument)

Full guide sent directly to all PEOA members today.

Courtesy of: Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment (previously DOD-PI)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Torrance CA: advertising company needs a very clean analog instrument to photograph for a print ad

It does not need to function.

40-hour PCSOT course, January 2010

Information being sent directly to PEOA members.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Tiger Woods's alleged mistress denies affair
Hindustan Times
Uchitel, on her part, offered to take the polygraph test to counter the allegations, but the paper "refused it." Meanwhile, Tiger and his wife again ...

Tiger by the Tail: Avoidance, denials and alleged wrath of Woods' wife scorned
Monsters and
Enquirer sources, who passed polygraph tests, rat out Uchitel who shared that Tiger sent "sexting" messages to her, and was seeing the "party girl" since ...

Strip search security guards dismissed
Times LIVE
The officers and their supervisor were suspended the next day pending the outcome of an investigation, including polygraph tests. ...

HaLeigh Cummings case: Misty's father arrested, questioned about missing ...
In addition, in August, Misty reportedly failed several tests analyzing her veracity about the incident, including a voice analysis and polygraph ...

Offender may be going back to prison
KXO Radio
... verbal contact with a 17-year-old female, possessed sexually stimulating material, failed a polygraph test and had pepper spray in his possession. ...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Exam needed in Iguala Mexico

For a US immigration case.

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Extracting truth from witnesses
Some police departments overseas use polygraphs in their investigations. FBI and CIA require polygraph tests before being employed in some jobs. ...

Lieberman demands polygraph tests over leaks within kitchen cabinet
By Barak Ravid Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is demanding that everyone who attended Sunday's meeting of the security cabinet undergo a polygraph test, ...

Feeling Nervous? 3000 Behavior Detection Officers Will Be Watching ...
truthout - Los Angeles,CA,USA
The positions require no scientific background; training in the art of lie detection takes place over the course of less than a week -- "four days of ...

Polygraph test in class
USD Volante Online
By JOSIE CLAREY With palms sweating and tensions high, two students should be taking a polygraph test today at 11 am as part of a political science Policing ...

Investigation into Lee sheriff's relationship with felon finds no wrongdoing
Naples Daily News
Another complaint alleged that polygraph records from Dominick Ferrante's test were intentionally destroyed after his test. Scott told local media that ...

Courtroom First: Brain Scan Used in Murder Sentencing
Wired News - USA
While the possibility of using fMRI data in a variety of contexts, particularly lie detection, has bounced around the margins of the legal system for years,

Ramblings of a desperate man
Times LIVE
The man resigned from his PSL general manager's job on Friday after he failed a lie-detector (polygraph) test. This after claims by discredited referee ...

Evidence-suppression hearing OK'd for woman charged with killing husband
The defense had hoped to have the jury hear testimony regarding a polygraph examination of a woman with whom Carl Bartley was allegedly having an affair. ...

Evidence suppression hearing OK'd for woman charged with killing husband
The defense had hoped to have a jury hear the results of a polygraph test. The defense said state police interviewed a woman with whom Carl Bartley ...

ARRIFLEX D-21 Captures Eclectic TV Slate
SHOOT Online - USA
Lie To Me stars Tim Roth as a lie detection specialist who determines the truth by interpreting body language and psychology. The show takes advantage of

Would Sach Ka Saamna be revived?
The show misuses polygraph machine conducted tests, exposing the contestant's private life in a callous manner. Is it fair to expose these facts of life ...

Ace set to do it for charity
Independent Online
"I will devote my full attention to those who need my advice and assistance back home," said Ncobo, whose resignation comes after he failed a polygraph test ...

Stepfather Pleads Not Guilty To Teen's Slaying
Court records indicate earlier this month, Shelby agreed to a polygraph test. They also say when police told him his test revealed he was not being truthful ...

Sentencing in child porn case set for Dec. 31
Akron Beacon Journal
31 to four years in prison if he passes a polygraph test relating to his offenses. Additionally, he is to register as a Tier II sex offender, ...

New PEOA member in: Africa

Watch for a profile soon!

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Warrant: Man deceptive about his whereabouts
Iowa City Press Citizen
The affidavit states Marshall agreed to take a polygraph -- or lie detector -- test and failed. The polygraph test was administered again and Marshall "was ...

Prosecutor sued in teacher sex case
Among those were the polygraph test, the minor not being able to identify a tattoo on Howell's lower back, that Howell reported rumors about the incident to ...

Prosecutor sued in teacher sex case
The suit claims that Sanders told Howell's attorney, Patrick Moeves, that he didn't care whether the plaintiff had passed a polygraph by the Covington ...

Match-fixing row hits South Africa
BBC Sport
And once challenged, Ncobo - a former referee himself - offered to undergo a polygraph test to show he was telling the truth. However, last week, he failed ...

More info out on no-bid contracts
Madison Record
Riley to a polygraph test to see who is telling the truth about Johnson's charge that Riley accepted millions in Mississippi casino money in 2002 in his ...

CBI pegs Satyam scam losses at Rs 14000 cr
It has also identified Ramalinga Raju's properties worth Rs 350 crore, and is waiting for permission from the Andhra Pradesh High Court to conduct polygraph ...

Family, Friends Protest Drug Conviction
When the trial was over and the verdict handed down, the defense asked the jury what difference the polygraph results would have made in their decision. ...

Judge hears slain teen's 'dark secret' on tape
The hearing will resume today when Judge Conrad rules on whether to allow a private polygraph expert as the final witness for Mitchell. ...

The Science of Crime: Polygraph Exams
Polygraphs, or lie detectors, make for good comedy in movies. But, members of law enforcement say it's no laughing matter and is an important tool in ...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Major increase: exam requests from Canada

(Despite Canada being non-licensing, there are relatively few examiners there.)

Members Only discussion: What do YOU say when an examinee says he failed because the questions made him 'mad'?

On the private Members Only forum.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A legal medical marijuana dispensary in a beach city near Los Angeles needs 9 persons tested

Client requests a 'non-exCop examiner'
Must be knowledgeable about
--- non-employee status of dispensary 'volunteers'
--- expected effect on tracings of heavy marijuana users
--- separating acceptable in-store pinch-use from theft
Should have related dispensary-testing training ( or verifiable experience
Otherwise, is a theft of 'product' and cash exam

Note: if testing on-site, be aware of the heavy pungent odor at such small poorly ventilated facilities

New PEOA members this month: CA, FL, OH, TX, UT, WI


Saturday, November 14, 2009

San Diego CA: instrument needed for 1-day

City of Avondale AZ seeking bids for exams on an 'as needed' basis

Note: all bid bulletins posted here were sent directly to PEOA members at least 48 hours earlier, with complete details.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Spotting a liar and finding the truth
abc40 - Springfield,MA,USA
Tecce believes that blinking is a more fail-proof method for lie detection because it's hard to train yourself to control your blinking. ...

Axed 'Dancing' partners Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff deny datingReality TV World
... during last night's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live when asked by Kimmel if he was dating Smirnoff. "Would you be willing to submit to a polygraph test? ...

Hearing passed for man accused of child abuseBartlesville Examiner Enterprise
When questioned, Robinson reportedly denied doing anything inappropriate and told police that she and Wilson would both be willing to take a polygraph test. ...

Employer lie detector use 'grows'BBC Birmingham
Andrew Armstrong and Patrick Mulligan worked for West Midlands Police when they were seconded to St Lucia, where they were introduced to polygraphs. ...

Roseville / Day care owner appeals closure
Pioneer Press
Minge also questioned why polygraph tests, which he said had been widely criticized as unreliable, were used in the investigation. mcmillan said polygraphs ...

Triple killer begins life in prison
La Grande Observer
As part of the agreement with the DA, Cook gave a recitation of his crimes under polygraph. Cook said no one else was involved in the murders. ...

Baby Shannon case: 'She had everybody fooled' // REPORTS, 911 CALL
The News Herald
Eight days later, Baker took a polygraph test. Results were incomplete because Baker was stressed, obese and taking muscle relaxers, but the man who ...

Chargesheet to be submitted this week
Express Buzz
“The SIT has almost finished the investigation and has decided to submit the chargesheet based on the polygraph test conducted on the two accused, ...

Fort Hood officials call reports of 'Allahu akbar' cry 'speculation'
San Antonio Express
... that he researched the law and he actually made some very unprecedented rulings that allowed polygraph evidence to be entered in our case, ...

A special new lower-price liability insurance plan for polygraph examiners

Details only for PEOA members.

London England exam needed

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lie-Detection In the News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Minivan News
Police have begun using polygraph or lie-detector tests for their investigations, Voice of Maldives reports. A polygraph is an instrument that measures and ...

Fishy business
Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel
After the hourly weigh-in was completed, the angler was asked to take a polygraph. This is required for all participants who catch the biggest bass of the ...

Husband cleared in cancer hoax
United Press International
He had taken and passed a polygraph test. Chen took the test under an agreement between his lawyers and prosecutors that he would be cleared if he passed. ...

Warrant to be released in Annie Le case
United Press International
Sources close to the case alleged Clark was arrested after police made a DNA match and he a failed polygraph and was observed with scratches on his body, ...

Polygraph test clears 'cancer patient' in wife's scam
Columbus Dispatch
By Dana Wilson DELAWARE, Ohio -- Phylip Chen jumped at the chance to take a polygraph test because he was certain it would finally prove that he was telling ...

Cop linked to robbery at gun store
Visayan Daily Star - Dumaguete City,Philippines
Once they have his name, he said they will subject him to finger print and lie detection tests to verify his participation in the incident. ...

Slain girl's stepfather reportedly admits to killing
Henderson Gleaner
According to the affidavit, police asked Shelby to take a polygraph test because of the “many changes of his version of the story.” Shelby agreed. ...

Arrest made in Laval corrections worker's killing
AOL Canada
... after police were alerted about her disappearance. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend Michel Trottier took and passed a polygraph test to clear his name.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Q&A With FBI Director Mueller
Secrecy News (blog)
As a result of polygraph testing, more than a thousand applications for employment at the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been rejected or otherwise ...

FBI Loses 40% of New Recruits to Failed Polygraph Tests
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, responded in his answers that as many as 40 percent of special-agent recruits failed required polygraph tests during the ...

Scots sex beasts face lie detector tests and satellite tracking
Scottish Daily Record
He was responding to a call from Tory Bill Aitken to introduce polygraph tests and satellite tracking to monitor sex offenders. ...

Police clear Yosef Espinoza, suspected Teitel accomplice
Jerusalem Post
... who had been suspected of helping alleged Jewish terrorist Ya'acov Teitel, was released by police on Thursday after passing a polygraph test. ...

Josh Duhamel's Stripper Affair Works Hard For Her $$$$! (blog)
They complied at first, but changed their mind once they found Nicole's story and the polygraph credible - asking Duhamel's lawyers to disprove it! ...

Judge orders documents turned over to defense in Jabalee case
The Detroit News
Jabalee's attorney, Stephen Rabaut, said he's still waiting for various FBI reports, including a polygraph test conducted for Jabalee and documentation ...

On Sanibel, parents vent over principal
The News-Press
One child's parents paid for their son to take a polygraph in hopes of clearing him, but parent Rebecka Evans said those results then were used to coax a ...

Justices Weigh Opening Prosecutors Up To Lawsuits
He also initially got wrong the site of the shooting and the weapon, and failed a polygraph test. Harrington and McGhee were convicted by an all-white jury ...

Fraud charge dropped
Toronto Sun
The Crown dropped the charges against Long, who passed a polygraph "with flying colours," said defence lawyer Calvin Barry. "He had no knowledge that the ...

Florence Police Officer Under Investigation Resigns
According to Cooper, an employee can be required to take a polygraph test to determine if any city policy was violated. Any information received through ...

What happened to baby Gabriel?
Daily Commercial
And, he is the same suspect that Lake County Sheriff's detectives said had two misses on a polygraph test stemming from the murder case. ...

Gorcyca faces misconduct charges again
Detroit Free Press
When a new trial was eventually granted, Gorcyca issued a news release in February 2007 questioning why Perry wouldn't take a polygraph test. ...

Orange County CA Probation Department seeking PCSOT bids

Title Polygraph Examination of Adult Sex Offenders-Post Conviction
Standard Disclaimer The County of Orange is not responsible for and accepts no liability for any technical difficulties or failures that result from conducting business electronically.
Description The County of Orange acting through its Probation Department invites vendors to participate in the following bidding opportunity: POLYGRAPH EXAMINATION OF ADULT SEX OFFENDERS-POST CONVICTION.

Bidders' Qualifications and Requirements:
Bidders shall be required to present satisfactory evidence that they have been regularly engaged in the business of administering polygraph examinations for at least the last three (3) consecutive years, which shall include examinations specific to adult sex offenders of the types described in Section V.1.0 (Scope of Work, Types of Polygraph Examinations to be Performed by CONTRACTOR). Bidders shall be required to provide information and/or proof regarding the number of years they have provided the services required by this solicitation; at a minimum, this will be evidenced by completion of the Reference Section on page 11 of this solicitation. Bidders shall be required to meet any other legal, license or certificate requirements that are necessary to enable them perform the services specified in this solicitation.

Contractor's polygraph testing facility shall be centrally located in Orange County with easy accessibility to public transportation.

This bid requires a paper response. Vendors will not be able to respond to this bid electronically.

Sealed responses must be received by 4:00 p.m. pst, November 23, 2009 – No late bids will be accepted regardless of the degree of lateness or the reason.

For complete bid information, vendors may obtain a paper copy of this solicitation by downloading a bid packet on this screen under "Documents".

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Disney science-type TV show needs analog instrument and examiner.

Burbank, California

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

'We won't compromise on Mandela'
He said African workers were subjected to polygraph tests while their white counterparts were not. The marchers also demanded the immediate dismissal of a ...

Lee, Collier restaurateur bonds out of jail on child molestation charge
Naples Daily News
Detective Amy Locasto called Luangamath and he agreed to take a polygraph exam on Sept. 16 at the Sheriff's Office. When sheriff's Sgt. Scott Walters, ...

Dulin jailed again for probation violation
Connecticut Post
2 at the 7 Seas Restaurant, but ruled that Dulin had violated his probation by not agreeing to a polygraph test and other conditions of his probation. ...

Q&A With FBI Director MuellerSecrecy News (blog)
As a result of polygraph testing, more than a thousand applications for employment at the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been rejected or otherwise ...

Guangdong uses lie detector in corruption probe
Shanghai Daily
The Dongguan City People's Procuratorate showcased the polygraph during an open day for the public yesterday, today's Nanfang Daily reported. ...

Irving narcotics detective suspended over missing evidence
Dallas Morning News
Ryan also passed a polygraph exam about her claim that a senior narcotics dectetive officer told her she could throw the evidence away. ...

Tinsley's Faux Reality; The Divine Ms. Madonna
Duhamel is denying it but the Enquirer says the stripper passed a "rigorous polygraph." So either he's lying and will soon be busted, the woman is a total ...

Josh Duhamel Denies Stripper Shagging, Calls Charges "Ridiculous"
But there's no proof of these polygraph results; and other outlets, such as E! News, state Forrester's attorney also contacted them, ...

Forensic Vetting will 'save firms thousands'
Forensic Vetting involves the use of polygraph testing. Polygraph testing, sometimes called lie detector testing, is widely used in the USA and is a method ...

Questions linger in disappearances
The Spokesman Review
But Spokane detectives, a polygraph expert and Rose believe the couple's son, Frank Pozar Jr., killed them. Police say Pozar has been in and out of jail ...

Lomita grandfather convicted of molesting 2 girls
Contra Costa Times
Family members said Senter took and passed a polygraph examination after his arrest on Sept. 24, 2008. Westlund said that polygraph examination results are ...

Lie detector tests for known sex offenders
Lincolnshire Echo
The 90-minute polygraph tests are designed to assess whether subjects are abiding by their licence conditions, which could require paedophiles to stay away ...

Parents Face Abuse Charges
Wheeling Intelligencer
Allman also said in the complaint that Conner failed a polygraph as well, telling police she was afraid to tell the truth because she would get in trouble. ...

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA) Beacon of Best Practice In ...
eGov monitor
The Ministry of Justice is now piloting mandatory polygraph tests for sex offenders in the community. The tests will help us determine whether the polygraph ...

Finding Timmy's killer: Family seeks answers 32 years after son's death
The Detroit News
Later that same year, the Wayne County prosecutor's office filed an investigative subpoena compelling a polygraph examiner to testify before Wayne County ...

North Country Gazette
North Country Gazette
He volunteered to submit to submit to a polygraph, or “any number of polygraph examinations, by examiners not of my choosing, on any of the issues…or on any ...

Kaine's decision in Carpitcher clemency petition rests on changing testimony
Roanoke Times
The following month, a polygraph test supports the girl's recantation. January 2002: The Innocence Project, a network of lawyers devoted to freeing the ...

Alleged victim says he didn't lie about coach
Coos Bay World
According to the letter, the Coquille Police Department had asked him to take a polygraph test earlier this month. But the man said in the letter that the ...

Track coach reacts to dismissal of sex abuse case 11
... charge has been dropped, she is bothered that the District Attorney didn't come out and say she is innocent, even after she passed two polygraph tests. ...

Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 Axciton computerized instrument for sale

virtually new
2009 model
has 'White Star' option

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Instrument rental needed in Orlando FL

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Will the contractor take the test?!

New York City:
--Kitchen remodel
--contractor asks for a $5000 payment
--customer opens safe, there is $28000 in cash inside envelope
--customer takes $5000 from envelope, puts it in another envelope
--customer gives contractor envelope, contractor leaves
--one week later, customer checks safe, discovers he gave contractor the wrong ($23000) envelope
--contractor claims to only have received $5000

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't wear a sock that has a hole in it!

If you do enough mobile polygraph exams, eventually you will arrive at the home of an examinee who belongs to a culture where all shoes are left at the door-- no exceptions.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Video: Nicole Howell teacher accused of having sex with student found not guilty
She passed the polygraph test, and spoke out in court in her own defense in an attempt to clear her own name. Howell, 26 was found not guilty, but said that ...

Two jailed men cleared in 1997 Dallas murder case
The arrests clear the way for the exoneration of Simmons and Scott, both of whom have already passed polygraph exams. Both men have always maintained their ...

Fired female officer files harassment complaint
Prattville Progress
Based on Fulmer's investigation and recommendations, a polygraph test was scheduled for both parties. On Aug. 20, at 8:15 am, Spraggins was given a test by ...

Officers hired to oversee convicted sex offenders
Charleston Gazette
The supervision includes polygraph tests and electronic monitoring. The officers were hired as part of the Child Protection Act of 2006. ...

Watch Tony Stewart Take LIVE BK Polygraph Today; Bid On Estrada Glasses!
Autochannel (press release)
REMINDER - TONY STEWART TAKING POLYGRAPH TEST TODAY! He says he loves the WHOPPER(r). And he'll take a polygraph administered by John Grogan to prove it. Watch Burger King put Tony ...

Police 'fooled' during internal probe
Steamboat Pilot
Vanatta said his department interviewed Johnson and Merwin, as well as made Johnson take a polygraph test administered by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. ...

Carty indicted again in 1982 Lower Township slaying
Press of Atlantic City
Batten also found that a detective improperly told the grand jury that Carty was "highly deceptive" during a polygraph examination when that was not an ...

Polygraph proves Tony Stewart does love the Whopper
Tony Stewart proved he loves the Whopper in live polygraph. Shown is recent Burger King Commercial Tony Stewart's live polygraph test administered by John Grogan to prove ...

Raju unwilling to undergo tests
Daily News & Analysis
Hyderabad: B Ramalinga Raju, the jailed founder-chairman of SatyamComputer Services, is not willingto go through the polygraph and brain mapping tests to be ...

Court orders CSIS to hand over secret file
The Canadian Press
In his ruling, Noel said CSIS "undermined the integrity" of the court's work by failing to disclose relevant details of a polygraph examination of another ...

Vernon Woman Charged With Lying About Assault
Hartford Courant
Police said they eventually discovered the call was a hoax. Fish failed a polygraph exam and confessed to making up her complaint, police said.

Last convicted murderer of medical student is released
Slovak Spectator
At that time Andrášik and Kocúr did not take the polygraph tests because they were incarcerated in Leopoldov prison and the prison's director refused their ...

Bravata investors unlikely to recover funds, official says
Kalamazoo Gazette -
Bravata, who was charged with investment fraud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in July, said Monday that he passed a polygraph examination that ...

AP HC posts hearing to conduct lie detector tests on Ramalinga Raju
Economic Times
The apex investigation body wanted the three to undergo a lie detector and polygraph test as the trio refused to divulge any crucial information when ...

FBI Joins Investigation Of Brighton Businessman
Bravata is due in federal court tomorrow for an evidentiary hearing in the civil case, where he's also seeking to have results of a polygraph exam admitted ...

Missing Polk County woman's husband re-files for divorce
WQOW TV News 18
... kids and he wants sole custody so he re-filed. Police have said a number of times that he's not a suspect. He passed a polygraph after she disappeared.

7 troopers lose pay in Rider case
The Star-Ledger -
That probe was dropped in July 2008 after the troopers passed polygraph tests and provided DNA samples. Lawyers for the troopers have said the off-duty ...

Heene parents could lose children over balloon boy hoax
The Sheriff's office did ask the family to take a polygraph on Saturday. They didn't ask the family to do the test on Friday because of the stress the ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 best places to market your polygraph services to!

1. The public
2. Criminal-defense attorneys
3. Moving & storage companies
4. Carpet-cleaning companies
5. In-home health care providers
6. Relationship therapists
7. Pizza restaurant franchisees
8. Temp agencies
9. HR departments of large firms
10. Marijuana dispensaries (in the 13 states that allow these)

--courtesy of John Grogan at

Monday, October 19, 2009

A potential client asks: "What is a 'certified' examiner?"

Most nationwide polygraph organizations do NO 'certifying'; they leave that up to 'local' polygraph groups.

Most local polygraph groups will 'allow' their PAID members to say that they are 'certified' for that year if they say they had a minimum of 12 hours of education that year-- and if they PAY THEM A FEE! Most members, receiving no credible education during that year, instead choose to attend that group's yearly social get-together: which (for a fee!) just happens to 'also' satisfy their minimum education hours to 'allow' them to say they are 'certified'!

PEOA (www.peoa.US) requires the highest hours in the lie-detection profession-- a minimum of 15 hours per year-- for their yearly 'certified' designation. Polygraph Examiners of America, the world's largest lie-detection network, makes available to its members a choice of venues for FREE continuing education hours every year.

If you are considering the hiring of an examiner who claims to be 'certified', you might ask him/her exactly what & when recent training he/she claims was the source of their CURRENT certification-- then verify it. If it came from a group that does not have its own phone number for such verification, then, oh well.

PEOA verifies its member's certifications at 818-883-6969.

Q: What does a same-topic 'comparison question' become if you forget to include a timebar?

A. Another 'relevant question'.

Analog 'Technical Tip':

If the blood-pressure cuff will not hold pressure, check the (little used) vent knob. Hidden amongst sensitivity knobs and others, verify that it is solidly closed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Bravata offers to take polygraph test
Livingston Daily
The Associated Press said Bravata is due in court Wednesday for an evidentiary hearing and that Bravata's lawyer hopes the judge will consider the polygraph ...

Ex-drama coach heads to jail in sex case
Nevada Appeal
He also noted that Beeson passed a polygraph examination. Grant disputed the polygraph results, saying she had submitted the test to two independent ...

Brookdale Inn owner arrested for alleged workers compensation problems
San Jose Mercury News
Boulder Creek Fire Chief Kevin McClish said federal officials might order polygraph tests, but he did not know who might be questioned. ...

Court of public opinion finds Heene family full of hot air
Fox 31
“Let's cut to the chase…that father needs to take a polygraph, period,” said one caller who phoned into 850 KOA radio. The suspicion in the community seems ...

Defendant in alleged Ponzi investment scheme agrees to polygraph test
Crain's Detroit Business
John Bravata, one defendant in the case, said he will submit to a polygraph test, to clear himself of allegations of fraud. Principals with the firms are ...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Defendant in alleged Ponzi investment scheme agrees to polygraph test
Crain's Detroit Business
John Bravata, one defendant in the case, said he will submit to a polygraph test, to clear himself of allegations of fraud. Principals with the firms are ...

John Bravata says polygraph will prove his innocence in investment fraud case
In a motion filed Thursday with the US District Court in Detroit, Bravata said he will complete a polygraph examination before an Oct. 21 court hearing that ...

Mich. money manager says he'll take polygraph
Fox 28
Bravata's lawyer, Gregory Bartko, hopes the judge will consider the polygraph results. The Securities and Exchange Commission accuses Bravata and a partner ...

Sheriff Gobble: Criminal Investigations
The Chattanoogan
The Polygraph and Computer Crimes Unit is responsible for assisting every detective with polygraph examinations when needed during the course of criminal ...

Do people have "odorprints"?
Scientists are also working on the ability to sniff out the smell of fear, perhaps adding to lie detection techniques employed by government agencies and ...

9th Circuit case argued from Billings by videoconference
Billings Gazette
Judge Jonnie B. Rawlinson confirmed no polygraph test had been given to Wayne Deputee, who confessed to the crime but at trial claimed he was coerced into ...

New Potential Suspect In Art Theft Investigation
Harvard Crimson
The investigators have asked Kennaugh and Amadio to take polygraph tests but they have both declined, according to Richards. “The bottom line is that this ...

The Polygraph Examination (press release)
For anyone being investigated for, or charged with, a criminal sexual conduct offense, a polygraph examination might mean the difference between being ...

Former school employee admits to theft
Greene County Daily World
He denied taking the money and agreed to taking a polygraph test. According to the court document, mcfadden "failed the polygraph and during the audio/video ...

Ensley charged with murder in father's death
That interview included a polygraph test, but Kirby said he was unable to disclose the results of that polygraph. Following that interview, however, ...

Criminals lies can be detected by drawing
Southern Daily Echo - Southampton,England,UK
Half of the volunteers were instructed to lie about where the exchange took place ... potential for taking drawing seriously as a useful lie detection tool. ...

Oprah Sued
WDEF News 12

Research highlights drawing as lie detection technique
Ireland Online - Dublin,Ireland
"This means the liar is unprepared and must do it without planning, and research indicates that people lie better when they have had time to plan their

Polygraph test on gangsters begins
Express Buzz
ALAPPUZHA: The polygraph test on Omprakash and Puthenpalam Rajesh, gangsters accused in the Paul murder case, began on Monday at the Forensic Science ...

Calling in sick to work
Career FAQs - Sydney,Australia
Some larger companies in the UK are now cracking down on employee absenteeism by taking things a step further and using lie detection technology

People: Flight attendant sues Oprah Winfrey over airplane sex allegations.
San Jose Mercury News
Gehrls claims in the suit she and Pansing were fired after the allegations were made, despite the fact that the they both took, and passed, polygraph tests. ...

Flight attendant sues Oprah saying: "I did not sleep with your pilot!"
The flight attendant, 39-year-old Corrine Gehrls, was fired, as was the chief pilot Terry Pansing, even though both have passed a polygraph test about the ...

Teen given probation for assault on school bus
Other terms of probation include submitting to polygraph examinations, having no unsupervised contact with children in certain circumstances and not holding ...

Gubernatorial Candidates Reaching For Moral High Ground
Insider Advantage Georgia
First, Gary Horlacher, a Peachtree City Democrat running for secretary of state, released five years of tax returns and even took a polygraph to swear he ...

Political notebook : Polygraph derails apparent 'gotcha' involving lobbyist
Arizona Daily Star
He gave his client a copy of the polygraph to distribute to wary lawmakers with an ear for gossip. A lobbyist passed a lie detector test. Who'da thunk it. ...

'She had an obsession with me. I couldn't take it'
Winnipeg Free Press
He initially denied involvement, even volunteering to take a polygraph test, but broke down following hours of questioning. "I've been living a lie," he ...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unusual polygraph request!

Kenmore WA:
A contractor received a complaint today about a subcontractor he was using.
The client (homeowner) said that the night before, he (client) had opened a whiskey bottle, drank a very small amount, and closed the bottle. Now the next day, the bottle was half empty, and since the subcontractor had been working in that room-- the client said the subcontractor must have consumed the whiskey.
Examination details to follow, if it happens . . .

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alaska Department of Corrections seeking bids for PCSOT exams

Alaska Department of Corrections seeking bids for PCSOT exams

Based in Bethel Alaska

Sunday, October 11, 2009

100 websites directing work to PEOA members!

Members of www.peoa.US receive the benefit of 100 websites directing potential clients to them. In a slow economy, this outstanding marketing coverage is superb.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Phoenix Arizona: DOT looking to contract polygraph examinations

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Bodybuilding qualifier set for Saturday at Olympia
Every athlete is drug tested with a polygraph for steroids, growth hormone and all other banned substances. Overall winners are also urine tested. ...

Polygraphs an issue in HRM contract talks
By MICHAEL LIGHTSTONE City Hall Reporter The contentious issue of polygraphs for municipal employees is back at Halifax city hall — this time, ...

Umar Naseer summoned to Police station on charges of assault
Haveeru Online
I told them I was ready to take a polygraph test even, since apparently the Police are equipped with a polygraph machine. I urged them to do that even so ...

NASCAR star to take Whopper polygraph test
... for the Whopper will be put to the test. The racing star will take part in a live polygraph test on the web, where he'll be grilled about his endorsement.

WTKR Your NewsChannel 3

Pilferage problem: Can we require all our warehouse workers to ...
Business Management Daily
Can we require our warehouse employees to submit to polygraph tests? A. No, not under those circumstances. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 ...

Sheriff's Office Looking for New Reserve Deputies
Candidates will be required to submit to a psychological evaluation, a medical examination, a polygraph examination and a drug screen and be subject to an ...

Hughes reinstated as police officer
Hughes was fired in July after she filed a sexual harassment complaint against the department and underwent a polygraph examination. ...

Dugaw says those allegations were unsubstantiated as his client had been cleared by investigations and even a volunteer polygraph test. ...

Bacolod's airport manager relieved from post
News Today Online
Recently, the National Bureau of Investigation Bacolod through Mamerto Cortez, conducted a polygraph or lie detection tests on eight persons believed to be ...

Catalano vows to continue race
Myrtle Beach Sun News
Catalano, 71, held a news conference Thursday, after hiring an independent contractor to administer a polygraph test Wednesday, to declare she had passed a ...

Army to mother: 'Nothing more can be done' in probe of Iraq vet's ...
Colorado Springs Gazette
Polygraph tests, grand jury subpoenas and a $10000 reward have led nowhere. 的 agree that someone who knew him knows more than they are saying; however, ...

Ex-prosecutor admits he lied about Polanski case
He agreed to take a polygraph test to set the record straight. Polanski was arrested last weekend in Switzerland on a 1978 fugitive warrant and will fight ...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Washington DC TV documentary company wants to film a live exam in Alpine TX

An example of an unusual polygraph request today:

Mobile Alabama
7 employees need to be tested
A vending-machine servicing company
"Irregularities' occuring
Call Xxxxxx at (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Sex offender's violation: Living with his own children
Waterbury Republican American
Jose Torres, 47, of 463 Main St. in Torrington, admitted to officials during a polygraph test conducted Feb. 2 that he had inappropriate contact with at ...

Former mayor lodges challenge to Lisbon
Laois Nationalist
He also challenged the members of the Oireachtas to take a polygraph during the court hearing into his challenge, should it be granted, and intends fighting ...

Hoover speaks out: Never 'failed' lie detector test
Macon County News
Nor was he presumed innocent by state SBI agents, who may well have egregiously mishandled Hoover's interrogation and the administration of a polygraph test ...

Court overturns Irwin conviction
The Review
Pike believed Todd and threw out the motion, taking note of polygraph tests taken by the two which showed Todd to be truthful and Beaver to not be truthful. ...

Narco test plea postponed
Express Buzz
ALAPPUZHA: The judgement on the petition moved by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) for conducting narco-analysis test and polygraph test on gangsters ...

Court seeks affidavit on details
Express Buzz
According to article 20(3) of the Constitution, the results of narco analysis and polygraph test cannot be considered as evidence. ...

'I-5 Strangler' Pleads Guilty to 6 Murders
About - News & Issues (blog)
Under the condition of the plea agreement Kibbe agreed to cooperate with law enforcement, talk to a psychologist, submit to polygraph tests and attempt to ...

Man Accused In Cancer Scam To Take Polygraph Test
Prosecutors agreed to drop the charges against Phylip Chen if he can pass a polygraph test, 10TV News reported. Chen is scheduled to take the test before ...

Monday, September 28, 2009

An unusual but growing source of work for examiners in 13 states:

With President Obama's staff decision in 2/2009 for there to be no more DEA raids of state-authorized medical marijuana dispensaries, such outlets have greatly multiplied.

There are 13 states which have authorized such open sale of this product: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon,
Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington

These are privately-owned businesses.

Marijuana dispensaries appear to have a higher-than-usual rate of theft by employee.

Stoelting computerized polygraph instrument for sale

Stoelting computerized polygraph instrument for sale

model: CPS-2 (current model)

never used; Arizona; $3000.

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members; search Google using titles below to read further if you are not a PEOA member)

Double slaying case goes cold despite leads
Sarasota Herald-Tribune
One teenager, then 16 and pregnant, had a heated interview at headquarters and offered to take a polygraph. But because of the pregnancy, Laughlin and ...

Mackenzie Phillips' Stepmom: I'm "Mad" at Mackenzie — and Oprah!
Us Magazine
A polygraph test takes about 3 hours and they are very competent in proving what is true and what is not. Some are actually admissable in court at the ...

Brain-Reading Machines Know What You've Seen
io9 - San Francisco,CA,USA
By Lauren Davis , 3:52 PM on Fri Sep 25 2009, 48 views fMRI technology has been used for lie detection and identify memories of an event, ...

Chief: Cop lost job over test, not coffee
Daytona Beach News-Journal
But it was Garvin's insistence that he get a polygraph test and then the fact that he failed the exam that sunk the lieutenant, Chitwood and Walton said. ...

Would I Lie To You? 81% Canadians Surveyed Said Yes!
Trading Markets (press release) - Los Angeles,CA,USA
Inspired by Dr. Paul Ekman's real-life research on human lie detection, the series explores the fascinating and intriguing science used to track down ...

George murder case: Police seek permission for poly test
Hindustan Times
PTI A police team probing the murder of businessman Paul Muthoot George has sought court's permission to conduct polygraph test on two gangsters who were in ...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Need exam demonstrations in Hollywood next Tuesday

Need exam demonstrations in Hollywood next Tuesday

Promotional event for a new movie with 'Lying' in its title

Used Lafayette ANALOG instrument for sale

4-pen, ink.

Mid-west USA.

Can use webcam to show you it functioning.

Includes 10 extra rolls of chart paper.

L.A.-based nationwide court TV show needs to film a live-exam

Requires viewable examples of your past TV polygraph work.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

PEOA member catches countermeasures during polygraph TV filming!

Long-time PEOA examiner Dan Ribacoff was taping a live polygraph exam today at a TV studio. The examinee was caught, on film, using countermeasures. (Can't name the nationwide TV show this is as the episode will air soon; but Dan The Man has been referred many media requests over the years from PEOA and he has handled them all professionally!)

Lie-Detection In the News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members)

Police Beat
Visayan Daily Star
Four of the eight Airport personnel believed to be involved in the loss of P240,400 terminal fees collection last week went through polygraph (lie ...

Key witness testifies in quad killing trial
The News Herald
Shortly after the killings, investigators interviewed Allen several times and even had him take a polygraph. In those interviews, Allen said he did not know ...

COVER STORY: Infidelity dot com
New Straits Times - Persekutuan,Malaysia
The study of body language has become useful to many investigators, especially those of us who administer lie detection examinations. ...

Onovo fails polygraph test
By Ochereome Nnanna A POLYGRAPH machine is often called a “lie-detector”. In most countries with advanced legal traditions, you cannot obtain conviction ...

Woman charged in daughter's death wants polygraph, statements ...
Zanesville Times Recorder
Ben Whitaker, Prince's defense attorney, told Muskingum County Common Pleas Judge Mark Fleegle that the polygraph test and statements Prince made to the ...

Court orders polygraph test of child's suspected abductor (blog)
New Delhi, Sep 23 (IANS) The Delhi High court Wednesday directed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to conduct polygraph tests on the suspects in a ...

Spencer: Not guilty verdict separates fact, fiction
Delaware County Daily Times
Often, if a suspect passes a polygraph, cops and prosecutors will drop charges or at least take a much harder look at the evidence they have. ...

Feds to Lead Probe into Little Nashville Opry Fire
Fox 59
ATF agent Jim Rose said about 20 investigators, including chemists, engineers and polygraph examiners will meet Wednesday afternoon to walk the scene before ...

Tourist's death from 12-story fall deemed an accident
... 38, to attend his class reunion in Kellogg. Police say James voluntarily submitted to a polygraph exam and was determined to be truthful in his statements.

Bo Strikes Back
Village Voice
He's offered to undergo a polygraph exam to prove his innocence. Dietl assailing Alite's honesty comes just as the state is preparing to put Alite on the ...

Foster Parent Arrested for Child Molestation
Fox 59
Randle failed a polygraph test and later gave a full confession according to investigators. "Put me in a room with him (Randle) and I'll walk out, he won't. ...

Annie Le murder suspect tried to cover his tracks
Other factors lead to Clark's arrest including a failed polygraph test, scratches on his body, and computer records showing Clark was the last person to see ...

Cops fail lie test over R3,75m drugs
But an independent polygraph examiner, Dave Johnston of Davian Polygraph Services, said if handled by a competent examiner a lie detector test was more than ...

Culprit behind HFD graffiti remains a mystery
Houston Chronicle
The inspector general's office asked both women to submit to polygraph tests. Both complied. Neither the city inspector general's office nor the women's ...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Want to do your best on TV?

John Grogan, 'The Most Televised Lie-Detector In The World', can assist you in preparing for a TV appearance. Some simple 'secrets' in advance can make the difference between failure and success! Contact him for advice or training at .

(A note about TV and entertainment polygraph exams: Many exams were actually conducted off-camera. What you see on TV is often a pretend exam filmed next, for TV purposes. The movements, unusual questions and silly answers are not what you can expect on a real examination. Plus, many have 'scripted', predetermined', or 'known solution' results.)

NYC TV show needs examiner for on-air interview/demonstration

Broadcast in 46 countries


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members)

Records Show Raymond Clark III Was Last To See Annie Le Alive ...
Hartford Courant
He then was asked to take a polygraph test, which he failed, sources said. Federal authorities also issued polygraph tests to anyone who had access to the ...

Yale Lab Worker A "Person Of Interest" In Grad Student's Murder
A source discussed reports that Clark failed polygraph tests and had scratches on his body with the NY Post, "He did not pass the polygraph test. ...

'Cell recovery blows lid off CBI theory' - New Delhi,India
The three were also put under lie-detection tests on Tuesday. CBI sources said both Ram Bhool and Kusum do not seem to have any knowledge of who the phone ...

Study suggests handwriting can uncover liars
Mmegi Online - Gaberones,Botswana
The current methods of lie detection involve verbal tests, primarily using a polygraph machine. This method is quite invasive for the participant, ...

Government in need of lie detection
Gwinnett Daily Post - Griffin,GA,USA
C., may have been out of order when he shouted, "You lie!" in response to President Barack Obama's assertion in his congressional address last Wednesday

Here is the latest Northern California news from The Associated
Officer Joe Avery denies media reports that a possible suspect failed a polygraph test and has defensive wounds on his body. RICHMOND, Calif. ...

TV man brings lie detector to Sheringham school
North Norfolk News
Although a simplistic example, it helped Mr Heseltine demonstrate how the polygraph machine worked. 的t has been fascinating coming into a school to talk ...

Teamwork: fast service, and profitable!

An example of PEOA members working together today:

7:20am- A potential Atlanta Georgia client telephones PEOA. A construction company owner, loss at remodel project, needs '9 or more independent contractors (not employees)' tested today if possible. Request posted to members.

7:30am to 7:55am- 3 members have requested the contact info from PEOA.

End of day- Client hired first PEOA member who called him. Member completed exams with help of one of the other two members who had requested the info. Confession, property returned.

Keep up the good work!

Analog instrument needed in Stuart FL, wants to buy

A past Arther graduate looking to purchase a used analog polygraph instrument, Lafayette or Stoelting.

Reminder- PEOA webinar this weekend: "Increasing your lie-detection business'

Reminder- PEOA webinar this weekend: "Increasing your lie-detection business'

Saturday September 19 2009

2 hours

PEOA members only

No charge

Learn from those who have strong polygraph business even in the weak economy!

Requirements and register via

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A senior PEOA member is the examiner behind this nationwide production

Stewart’s preference for the WHOPPER® sandwich is tested during the "Polygraph Buzz” and "Polygraph Prep” ads and as part of this campaign, Stewart will engage in a live polygraph test hosted on Beginning Sept. 28, fans will be invited to submit and vote on questions to be asked of Stewart during the webcast. The hour-long feature can be seen on October 20.

"It’s no secret that I love the WHOPPER® sandwich,” Stewart said. "Participating in a live polygraph test just further demonstrates my enthusiasm and the lengths that I’ll go to, to prove my love for its flame-fresh taste.”

Friday, August 28, 2009

Utah County UT Sheriff's Department looking to contract exams

Utah County UT Sheriff's Departmentlooking to contract exams.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nationwide Network of Polygraph Examiners


Polygraph Examiners of America

(818) 883-6969

Friday, August 21, 2009

A niche specialty: polygraph exams for Immigration and Asylum

PEOA has sponsored several workshops for this specialty.

They are led by an examiner who specializes in these exams; see his website at for more details,

Requests for polygraph exams are increasing!

Multi-examinee (more than 2) exam requests are increasing.

Not counting the hundreds of 1-person and 2 person exam requests we receive, look at these that have come through PEOA this past month (will include some Canada requests too):

8/2009: Detroit MI
relationship- three persons.

8/2009: San Jose CA
3 family members need testing, money missing.

8/2009: Toronto Canada
Personal matter.

8/2009: Clemonton NJ
3 employees need testing; theft.

8/2009: Bridgeview IL
3 employees need testing.

8/2009: Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

8/2009: Sonora CA

8/2009: Jersey City NJ
multiple exams-- corruption arrests.

8/2009: Saskatoon Canada

8/2009: Las Vegas NV CA
2 days of exams needed for TV show.

8/2009: St John New Brunswick Canada

8/2009: Hollywood CA
On-air testing for a TV reality show.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members)

City vehicle set on fire in Wilson vandalism spree
Investigators believe the suspects then went to two other officer's homes, slashing more tires. They say they do have suspects in mind. A polygraph is ...

Stengel won't pursue allegations against Pitino
Louisville Courier-Journal
Pence also said Pitino passed an independent polygraph examination "refuting" Sypher's allegations. U of L Athletic Director Tom Jurich issued a statement ...

Man accused of child molesting in New Albany
New Albany Tribune
According to court records, Askern failed an Indiana State Police polygraph examination about whether he had inappropriately touched the girl. ...

Missing boy's foster dad pleads for his return
San Francisco Chronicle
An attorney consulting with the couple said Ross took a polygraph test Wednesday, one day after police and FBI investigators with search dogs went through ...

Officer wins reinstatement
The board ruled Wednesday that the police department violated Officer Wiley Willis' rights because a polygraph expert failed to tape his examination of the ...

Board reinstates Willis, says city violated his rights
Shreveport Times
The Civil Service Board ruled that Willis' rights, under the Police Officer Bill of Rights, were violated because an expert failed to record a polygraph ...

Guyanese trade union rejects polygraphy of public servants
Caribbean Net News
Yarde is appealing to persons dismissed as a result of failing the polygraph test, to come in and make a report, regardless of whether or not that person is ...

One of missing boy's caretakers will take polygraph test
San Jose Mercury News
Well-known civil rights attorney John Burris said Wednesday that one of the caretakers will take a polygraph test, while the other will not because she is ...

Missing boy's foster father to take polygraph
San Jose Mercury News
A prominent Bay Area civil rights attorney says the foster father of a missing 5-year-old boy with cerebral palsy will take a polygraph test. ...

Burris: One of missing boy's caretakers will take polygraph test
San Jose Mercury News
... for a missing 5-year-old Fremont boy with cerebral palsy will take a polygraph test, while the other will not because she is six months pregnant. ...

Missing boy's relatives plead for his return
San Francisco Chronicle
An FBI expert will administer the polygraph, sources say. FBI Special Agent Joseph Schadler, a spokesman in the agency's San Francisco office, ...

HC posts Raju tests hearing on Aug 19
Daily News & Analysis
Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh High Court has posted the case on CBI conducting polygraph and brain mapping tests on B Ramalinga Raju and others to August 19 ...

23 questioned over missing money from county desk
AP - August 12, 2009 9:04 AM ET LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Pulaski County Comptroller Mike Hutchens says 23 employees will be given polygraph tests in the ...

GPSU assails gov't over arbitrary use of polygraphs
Stabroek News
The union's comments follow an announcement by lead government spokesperson Dr. Roger Luncheon who had said that the government has moved to add polygraph ...

Deputy resigns, avoids hearing
Marietta Times
"Would you take a polygraph concerning that?" the investigator asked. "Would you take one concerning the rest of this stuff?" the investigator asked. ...

To tell you the truth
Indian Express
But the polygraph test gave him away when he denied at having put up a show to gain media attention. Chaudhary insists the polygraph test is incorrect. ...

Government urged to regulate 'outrageous' reality shows
The National
Contestants on SKS are asked a series of increasingly personal questions while a polygraph tests the veracity of their answers. Critics say questions such ...

No sympathy for Michael Vick
But “Vick was administered a polygraph examination by the FBI. Vick failed the examination as it related to the killing of the dogs… ...

Guv for amending laws to deal with hi-tech crimes
Rising Kashmir - Srinagar,Jammu and Kashmir,India
... digital signatures, electronic records, computer data, DNA tests, narco analysis, brain mapping, lie detection, voice detection, photographic morphing etc

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lie-Detection In the News

(blurbs only; clickable links to entire stories are sent to PEOA members)

Job Of The Day: August 10, 2009
... a stringent background investigation, polygraph testing, psychological evaluation, a structured interview, and a medical examination/drug screening. ...

Guyana government committed to institutionalising integrity testing
Caribbean Net News
Dr Luncheon explained that it is the intention of Government to make the practice of polygraph testing an annual ritual that will ensure the public can have ...

About lying: who does it, and why - UK
First, let's assume lie detection is a skill like any other. The way you acquire and improve upon a skill is through practice. ...

Jerry Mitchell's story hints DeLaughter's polygraph motion is a ...
Yall Politics
"The judge has some discretion to introduce the polygraph test, but I think it faces an uphill battle, particularly one administered privately," said Matt ...

More law enforcers sacked after flunking polygraph tests
Stabroek News
He noted specifically that government has moved to add polygraph testing to the other tools used to implement the system in the services. ...

'Oh yeah, you're the best I've ever had'
Globe and Mail - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Lie-detection expert Paul Ekman, who consults for Fox's drama Lie To Me , says anyone can tell a liar by learning how to read facial cues, ...

Court still to okay polygraph test on Raju
Daily News & Analysis
Hyderabad: The Central Bureau of Investigation is still awaiting the court's direction for conducting a polygraph test on Satyam founder B Ramalinga Raju, ...

Dickie Scruggs pleads guilty . . . again . . . gets 7 years
Yall Politics
Secondly, Scruggs is cooperating fully with the Government and has submitted to a polygraph. That's big news. Jerry Mitchell was on the case. ...

NMC - DeLaughter's polygraph motion, letters from Frisby's ...
Yall Politics
The polygraph was by Wayne Humphreys of Bandon. He did the polygraph on December 21st at the request of Cynthia Speetjens, then DeLaughter's lawyer. ...

Victim is Focus
MyFox Houston
She's been given a polygraph test. The men haven't been polygraphed." "I don't think its right, but we're here to cooperate in any way we can, because we do ...

Houston Firefighter Gives Handwriting Sample (subscription)
Last week, Draycott voluntarily submitted to a polygraph test. Her attorney said it's not fair for investigators to single her out. ...

The Load of Lying: Testing for Truth
Ethiopian Review - Washington,DC,USA
[For more on lie detection, see “Portrait of a Lie,” by Matthias Gamer; Scientific American Mind, February/March 2009

When it comes to expert opinion, investigators turn to CFSL Chandigarh - New Delhi,India
CFSL is a pioneer in the country when it comes to polygraph (lie-detection tests). Since 2001, the laboratory has been a leader in genetic profiling in ...

Call off investigation: polygraph girl
Brisbane Times
A 14-year-old girl who revealed on-air during a controversial lie detector stunt that she had been raped has told NSW Police she does not want to proceed ...

" Feeney Reportedly Off Hook in Abramoff Probe "
Brad Blog
Despite Curtis' sworn affidavit, video-taped Congressional testimony, and successful polygraph test on the matter, Feeney has maintained his innocence in ...

Accusing firefighter undergoes writing analysis
But both were asked to undergo polygraph tests last week. And Draycott admits she's troubled by the focus investigators are placing them. ...

Administrative leaves cost taxpayers
Benson News Sun
Litchfield was given a polygraph test by Southwest Polygraph Service, Inc., on April 21. While the results of a polygraph test are inadmissible in court, ...

Man charged with fatally shaking baby
NBC2 News
Weekes had been scheduled to take a polygraph test Tuesday. Broward County Medical Examiner's Office reports that a July 24 autopsy shows the infant's death ...

Former Teacher Wants to Clear Her Name
WKRC TV Cincinnati
Howell says she's passed a polygraph and is frustrated that she still has to deal with the issue in court. "I'm able to go back and contradict everything ...

Female HFD firefighters discuss harassment claims with Mayor White
Texas Cable News
After a request from the Office of Inspector General, both women submitted to polygraph tests about the incident. Check back with for more on the ...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Orlando Sentinel
HOLLYWOOD - A day before he was to take a police polygraph test, a Hollywood man confessed to fatally shaking his girlfriend's 11-month baby because the ...

MASON COUNTY: Sex offender registers to live in Shelton
The Olympian
During a polygraph exam ordered by the Department of Corrections, he admitted sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl when he was 13 and a 7-year-old girl ...

New Bulgarian Teams Set to Fight Crime, Corruption
To protect classified information and ensure a professional attitude, the members of the team will have to undergo polygraph tests during the recruitment ...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

More Lie-Detection In The News

(links to the entire stories are sent to all PEOA members)

Polygraph Experts Pitch Services At Suspicious Spouses
Hartford Courant
There is a way to uncover the truth, some experts say: Ask the person to take a polygraph test. "It's cheaper than a divorce,"

Indian reality TV's tryst with truth draws protests
AsiaOne - Singapore
If they answer truthfully - determined with the help of a polygraph test - they win 10 million rupees (S$299790). As in the US format, contestants are free ...

2 in line for Tanque Verde interim job
Arizona Daily Star - Tucson,AZ,USA
By Lourdes Medrano The top two candidates for the interim superintendent post at Tanque Verde Unified School District will undergo polygraph tests as part ...

MASON COUNTY: Level 3 sex offender registers
The Olympian - Olympia,WA,USA
Cochran, 19, was convicted of first-degree child molestation in Mason County and admitted during a polygraph exam to assaulting an 8-year-old girl when he ...

Family gets justice for murder, 34 year later
Groth nearly got away with the murder even though he failed a polygraph test shortly after the crime. And the case sat, growing cold and unsolved, ...

Former Top Navy Psychologist Involved in Pre-9/11 Prisoner Abuse Case
The Public Record - Los Angeles,California,USA
The cause was an inconclusive, or “no opinion” polygraph examination made after he finished his assignment in Guam and was returning to the United States. ...

Are Indian audiences ready for the truth?
Reuters India - Mumbai,India
Contestants go through a polygraph test to determine if they are lying while answering a set of questions based on their lives. ...

Jim Vittum: Nearby, but not Stacey Burns' killer
The Union Leader - Manchester,NH,USA
Vittum did not fail a polygraph. This is fact. The truth will come out. Vittum shouldn't have spilled so much of the details as he did in this article. ...

Teen's killing stumps Texas sheriff 40 years later
The Associated Press
A dock worker and a service station attendant were given polygraph tests. Cops questioned a paper boy, drifters, surfers, maintenance workers and people ...

2 more Waco police officers fired, 1 more retires as double ...
Waco Tribune Herald - Waco,TX,USA
He questioned the police internal investigation and the fairness of polygraph questions the officers were asked, adding that many of the allegations were ...

Vittum: Nearby, but not Stacey Burns' killer
The Union Leader - Manchester,NH,USA
... admits he was with her hours before she was found stabbed to death in her bed and says he failed a polygraph test, but he insists that he is innocent. ...

Hook, lie and sinker: Polygraphs net cheaters at fish derbies - Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Huff gives polygraph tests to competitors in fishing derbies throughout northwestern Ontario, trying to net anyone attempting to cheat their way to prize ...

'Person of Interest' in Hall's Homicide Passes Polygraph Test ...
Cape May County Herald - NJ, United States
... said he “passed a polygraph test he volunteered to take at the suggestion of the Sabine sheriff's office,” in a July 22 Shreveport Times story. ...

Most Read Articles
Indian Express - New Delhi,India
Aldrich Ames beat the polygraph test, not once, but twice. And he wasn't the only spy to do so. But Harold J. Nicholson failed a routine polygraph test, ...

Sex Abuse Charges Dropped In Portland Case - Portland,OR,USA
Macrae's mother, who did not want to be identified, said her son passed a polygraph test. She said she knew the truth would come out. ...

'Sach Ka Samna' TV show challenged in HC
Press Trust of India - New Delhi,India
Those who pass the polygraph test become eligible to win up to Rs one crore in prize money. One Deepak Maini has approached the court alleging that the show ...

'Sach Ka Samna' slapped with notice for provocative questions - New Delhi,Delhi,India
Prior to appearing on the actual show, contestants are asked 50 questions while being hooked up to a polygraph machine. The biological indicators of the ...

Sabine assistant DA denies involvement in death
WXVT - Greenville,MS,USA
He has sent a letter to his clients, saying he has passed a polygraph test. A copy was made available to media by his lawyer, Ted Hoyt of Lafayette. ...

Kofoed Appeals To Allow Polygraph
He's asking a judge to allow a polygraph test he took that determined he was telling the truth when he said he did not mishandle blood evidence. ...

Show cause notice issued to Star Plus
Hindu - Chennai,India
He pointed out that guests on the show were made to face polygraph test and asked obscene questions. Mr. Akhtar found ready support from other members; ...

Neb. CSI's attorney appeals polygraph ruling
KCAU - Sioux City,IA,USA
Omaha attorney Steve Lefler says David Kofoed's (KOH-feds) polygraph results are relevant to the case. He's asked a federal court to reverse its order or ...

Tests await new Paducah police chief - Lexington,KY,USA
... Chief James Berry's first few days on the job in the western Kentucky city will include a physical, drug test, psychological exam and polygraph test. ...

Sabine assistant district attorney denies being involved in homicide
Shreveport Times - Shreveport,LA,USA
"We wanted to share this information with his clients — that he met with the detectives "» and they asked him to take the polygraph, and he did and passed ...

Student confesses to bomb threat
Roscommon County Herald-News - Roscommon,MI,USA
The confession came after the male student failed a polygraph test. No names are being released at this time. Deputies were called to the high school in ...

Polygraph Examiners Of America


Lie-Detection In The News

(links to complete texts are sent to all PEOA members)

Charges dismissed against two in beating of Kalamazoo bicyclist
Kalamazoo Gazette - - Kalamazoo,MI,USA
In one case, the suspect insisted he wasn't at the scene, and he passed a polygraph examination. In the other, a witness later said she was confused and ...

Sabine assistant district attorney denies involvement in homicide
Shreveport Times - Shreveport,LA,USA
... in an unsolved homicide in Sabine Parish says he passed a polygraph test that he volunteered to take at the suggestion of the Sabine sheriff's office. ...

Tori Stafford: OPP veteran finds the remains
London Free Press
Smyth, who works in the OPP's polygraph and behavioural sciences unit, said he hopes the little Woodstock girl's family finds some peace. ...

Station 54 Workers May Take Lie Test
MyFox Houston
HOUSTON - FOX 26 has learned that every employee at Houston Fire Department Fire Station 54 will be asked to take a polygraph test. ...

Lie detector test results back female firefighter's harassment claim
So last week, their attorney, Joe Ahmad, asked Jane Draycott to submit to a privately administered polygraph examination. In it, she denied having anything ...

Polygraph granted for Saginaw man charged with rape
The Saginaw News -
by Andy Hoag | The Saginaw News Dezarick I. Henderson, who is maintaining his innocence in a sexual assault case, wants to take a polygraph test to prove it ...

OPD Wants Lie Detector Tests For Complaints
At the same time, why do I need to take a polygraph?" he questioned. An Internal Affairs spokesperson said polygraphs are used as an investigative tool. ...

Brain scan: A better lie detector?
Inland Empire News - Riverside,CA,USA
For one thing, the evidence for fMRI-based lie detection is still conflicting: Although past studies have associated prefrontal cortex activity with lying, ...

Verbal & Non-Verbal Deception Behavior Analysis - Quincy,MA,USA
Therefore, simple gaze avoidance may or may not be useful in lie detection. Which way a person's eyes move also may tell a lot about the honesty of an

Sach ka Saamna
Indian Express - New Delhi,India
The challenge is simple—answer 21 increasingly personal questions honestly, as determined by a polygraph, and win up to Rs 1 crore. ...

Mayor wants 2 law firms for HFD inquiry
Houston Chronicle - United States
The city's Office of Inspector General is investigating the incidents and may make an effort to conduct polygraph examinations on the two women, ...

Flex'n Steroid Free in the Capital City - Sacramento,CA,USA
All of them went through instensive drug screening including a urine test and polygraph. Tina Smith and Bob Bell, who are both former bodybuilders started ...

Sex-offender costs to skyrocket - Des Moines,IA,USA
Still, they anticipate the state will need many more GPS tracking devices, probation officers and polygraphs to comply with the requirements of the special ...

Trimble timeline
The Tennessean - Nashville,TN,USA
He was charged with the crime even after passing repeated polygraph tests. Juvenile Court Judge Richard Jenkins orders that Womack be transferred to ..

Polygraph Examiners Of America


Relationship polygraph news story

Polygraph Experts Pitch Services At Suspicious Spouses
By JANICE PODSADA The Hartford Courant
July 26, 2009

Walking the Appalachian trail or fooling around in Argentina? Sober or still drinking-and-drugging on the sly? Out on a hike or out on a lark?

There is a way to uncover the truth, some experts say: Ask the person to take a polygraph test.

"It's cheaper than a divorce," said Bernie Soldate, owner of Forensic Polygraph Center in Simsbury. Soldate charges the going rate, about $900, to administer a polygraph test.

A "lie detector" isn't just for criminal cases anymore. Increasingly, it's being advertised as a tool for private citizens to solve pressing domestic issues or even neighbor disputes.

Associated Polygraph Center in East Hartford recently bought billboard space above the eastbound lanes of I-84 near downtown Hartford in hopes of drumming up more business. "Want to know the truth? Ask them to take polygraph test." the company's electronic ad beamed brightly above the highway.

"We're looking for more of the domestic market," said Karen Nunez-Robbins, whose business partner, Leighton "Skip" Hammond, founded the firm.

More consumers are turning to polygraph examiners to set the record straight, said Soldate, who estimates that 50 percent of his business comes from domestic issues.

"Half of the work out there is husbands and wives, couples," said John Grogan, executive director of the Polygraph Examiners of America. Grogan, who lists baseball player Jose Canseco among the people he has tested, swears by its accuracy.

"Right now, with the modern computerized polygraph and a trained examiner, it's about 98 percent accurate," Grogan said.

When suspicion is eating away at a relationship, especially when it involves a partner's fidelity, a polygraph test may help clear up the problem.

"If there is no other way to work this out, the last resort is a polygraph test," Soldate said. "But before you pay for a test — and I ask for it in advance — be prepared to be truthful. If you've got something to tell your spouse, cough it up now; fall on the sword. Honesty is the best policy."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Limestone VP instantly solves EDA mystery!

Q. EDA tracing went flatline. EDA meter at bottom right of screen says 9000. What's up?

A. 9000 is what you get with no EDA leads plugged in. So if they are plugged in, it is very likely a broken EDA lead.

Leads and spare electrodes shipped out same-day.

Thanks to Tyler at

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

Ex-congressman wants jury to hear polygraph results
Houston Chronicle - United States
Craig Washington, expected to go on trial next week for shooting at two teens in a car, has asked that jurors hear polygraph results he says prove he acted ...

Federal judge dismisses Arenac polygraph lawsuits
Oscoda Press - Oscoda,MI,USA
by Holly Nelson TAWAS CITY - US District Judge Thomas L. Ludington has dismissed three lawsuits filed last year which named, among others, two Iosco County ...

Department Adds Another Polygraph Examiner
Hartford Courant - United States
NEW BRITAIN – - The police department has announced that a third officer has been trained as a polygraph examiner. Detective Adam Rembisz, who has been with ...

InstaLetters for July 7
Asheville Citizen-Times - NC,USA
... an invitation to Congressman Shuler, at my expense, to undergo a polygraph exam for the purpose of determining who actually wrote “his” commentary. ...

He plays FBI agent Reynolds, who was brought in to liaise between the Lightman Group and the FBI when the lie-detection specialists are called in to help ...

Milstead Wishes Dierks' Jury Had Seen Video Interrogation
KSFY - Sioux Falls,SD,USA
But that evidence was thrown out because the judge ruled her polygraph statements were made involuntarily. Last week, Dierks was found not guilty on all ...

Lie to Me picks up steam - anyone else watching?
TV Squad - Santa Monica,CA,USA
She guest-starred in two episodes of Lie to Me last season, and will have ... it out -- and pick up a few pointers on lie detection from Cal Lightman and crew.

Car crash cop still unidentified
Jamaica Observer - Kingston,Jamaica
He has also refused to do a polygraph test, on the advice of his lawyer," the source said. Under Jamaican law, no citizen can be forced to subject ...

Weekly Crime Poll: Should Polygraphs Be Used In Crime Investigations?
About - News & Issues - New York,NY,USA
Currently the FBI conducts polygraph tests of all new employees prior to them beginning their service. In addition, individuals with access to certain ...

Matthew Norman: A polygraph test for pompous politicians
Independent - London,England,UK
Where I previously proposed that any political interviewee, on whichever medium, must first agree to be strapped to a polygraph, technological advances ...

Stahlman pleaded guilty in 1979 death in Warren
Warren Tribune Chronicle - Warren,Ohio,USA
An accomplice in the case who testified at trial, Roger Collins, surrendered to authorities and passed a polygraph exam before he pleaded guilty to ...

“Black magic was practised in Gujarat ashram”
Hindu - Chennai,India
... three close associates of the controversial “sant” had “confessed” during the lie-detection test that black magic was being practised in the Ashram. ...

Satyam case: CBI court order for polygraph test on July 9
Hindu Business Line - Chennai,India
HYDERABAD: The designated court for CBI on Saturday reserved its orders for July 9 on the lie-detector test to be conducted on Mr B Ramalinga Raju, ...

Judson teacher goes on trial next week
San Antonio Express - San Antonio,TX,USA
Weste confessed after reportedly failing a polygraph test in 2007, which he attended after his lawyer allegedly was told not to be there. ...

Guj govt to HC: Black magic practiced at Asaram ashram - New Delhi,India
The affidavit cites the lie detection tests of three sadhaks (workers) of the ashram who said they knew what was going on. The affidavit was based on a ...

Shields "confession" man offered 拢40k to pass lie detector
Click Liverpool - Liverpool,Merseyside,UK
A 拢40000 purse has been put up by an annoymous businessman as bounty to Graham Sankey if he can successfully pass a polygraph test. ...

Experts say Lindsey Baum likely abducted by someone she knew - USA
Komo News is reporting that Lindsey's mother voluntarily took a polygraph test, along with the father of Lindsey's best friend, Scott Williams. ...

Former "White House Boy" puts story of horrific abuse to a ... - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
Polygraph tests aren't typically admissible in court, but Cooper felt like he had to do something. It's been two months since he and other men were featured ...

Pinal County sheriff places two on paid leave
Arizona Daily Star - Tucson,AZ,USA
McAuliffe was given a polygraph examination, which indicated deception about involvement with illegal drugs. He took a second polygraph, which showed no ...

FBI: Stranger not likely behind girl's disappearance
KOMO News - Seattle,WA,USA
The missing girl's mother, who wanted avoid becoming the center of the investigation, voluntarily took a polygraph test. The father of the girl's best ...

Two Pinal County sheriff's staff investigated
East Valley Tribune - Mesa,AZ,USA
He is accused of deception during polygraph tests and failure to disclose pre-employment information about drug use, according to the Pinal County Sheriff's ...

Man Admits to Double Homicide
WYTV - Youngstown,OH,USA
Prosecutors also had him take a polygraph, and not only did he fail but he ended up confessing to polygraph examiner Bill Evans of Akron. ...

Steroid use by bodybuilders not dependant on body image concerns - Bangkok,Bangkok,Thailand
Natural bodybuilding referred to competitions in which partakers were drug-tested, and had to pass a polygraph in relation to their lack of prohibited drug ...

Quick service today from Lafayette's Kari and Paul!

A corrupted-file was the cause of a homescreen error for an LX-4000; the always-helpful Kari B walked the examiner through a quick-fix; software guy Paul also assisted. Kudos to Lafayette for helping the examiner have absolutely no downtime!

Tarrant County TX seeking bids for pre-employment polygraph exams

Here is a link to the 20-page application:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Member Survey: Which of the 4 computerized polygraph instruments do you prefer?


1. Lafayette

2. Axciton

Thinking of converting from analog to compterized?
The step-by-step guides at can help!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

County among defendants dismissed in civil suit
The Arenac County Independent - Standish,Michigan,USA
An alleged violation of the Forensic Polygraph Examiners' Act (MCL 338.1728) by Rapp, Lesneski, Curcio and the Town Crier author. ...

No suspects in Egyptian hotel theft
Independent Online - Cape Town,Western Cape,South Africa
He said hotel staff had twice passed polygraph tests and this indicated to police they had not tampered with the Egyptians' rooms. He said footage obtained ...

Notorious 'Hyde Park rapist' arrested on probation violation - St. Petersburg,FL,USA
Until this incident, Helms had kept a job, was passing his polygraph tests and was participating in sex offender treatment as required, Cohen said. ...

Former ISP trooper releases book about 1986 murders
The Southern - Carbondale,IL,USA
“The polygraph examiner said (one of the state's eyewitnesses) failed his miserably and they withheld that from the defense (attorneys). ...

Spy Games Revealed: Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape
American Chronicle - Beverly Hills,CA,USA
The alleged proof of that was that Rick Doty had failed a polygraph test relative to his case. Kit Green [a former senior CIA analyst and division head] had ...

Allen teacher faces child abuse charge
McKinney Courier Gazette - McKinney,TX,USA
A US Secret Service agent administered a polygraph examination, which Means failed. When officers were investigating the allegations, a family friend of the ...

Surat gang-rape case: Judicial custody for three accused
Indopia - India
Sahid and Tariq have undergone lie detection and narco-analysis tests at the Directorate of Forensic Science, Gandhinagar, but the same could not be ...

Sentencing delayed in battery court case
Alamogordo Daily News - Alamogordo,NM,USA
By Duane Barbati, Staff Writer A 27-year-old Alamogordo man's sentencing hearing was continued Thursday to allow him to take a polygraph test after he ...

State Police sergeant honored at banquet
Beckley Register-Herald - Beckley,WV,USA
Smith, who transitioned from a trooper to the State Police polygraph unit in 1999, assisted Chicago PD by interviewing the suspect. ...

Recently in "Cover Story"
Willamette Week - Portland,OR,USA
And it was also puzzling to some legal observers that investigators didn't subject Adams or others to a polygraph. Kroger says he has never used a polygraph ...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lie-detection a good career choice: weak economy again this month produces increase in multi-person (3 or more) exam requests

A few examples:

6/2009: Los Angeles CA
3 employees need testing.

6/2009: Bronx NY
Criminal: 4.

6/2009: Tyler TX
Personal matter, 4 persons.

6/2009: Atlanta GA
3 roommates need testing.

6/2009: Sunnyvale CA
6 employees need testing.

6/2009: Dallas TX
20 employees need testing.

6/2009: Poconos PA
Missing computer; 5 employees need testing.

6/2009: near Greensboro NC
Municipal law enforcement agency needs 2 employees tested.

6/2009: Boise ID
2 court-ordered exams; family law.

6/2009: Chino CA
5 employees need testing.

6/2009: Vacaville CA
8 to 20 employees need testing; retail.

6/2009: Sacramento CA
Testing needed for 5 employees.

6/2009: Los Angeles
4 employees at a legal marijuana dispensary.

6/2009: Riverside CA
Theft from home; 3 persons.

6/2009: Sacramento CA
Testing needed for 3 teenagers.

6/2009: Valdosta GA
3 employees.

6/2009: Ashland OH
4 employees.

6/2009: Moses Lake / Central WA
family members required to take
court-ordered polygraph exams.

6/2009: Sacramento CA
5 employees need testing.

6/2009: Clarksville TN
4 carwash employees.