Saturday, May 8, 2021

Polygraph test in Fresno

 Best polygraph test in Fresno:

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Learn polygraph: Polygraph Fundamentals Refresher hands-on workshops/bootcamps and continuing education this summer


Learn polygraph: Polygraph Fundamentals Refresher hands-on workshops/bootcamps and continuing education this summer

Polygraph Fundamentals workshops/bootcamps and continuing education in summer 2021

Learn key polygraph basics in an accelerated hands-on format from working polygraph examiners who have earned a living as polygraph examiners, not from part-timers or hobbyists or others who have never earned a living as a private polygraph examiner.

In most states, there averages only one active private polygraph examiner per county!

The most common polygraph testing: relationship and infidelity. Also abuse, theft, substance abuse, he said - she said matters, child abuse.

Polygraph is no longer done on the antique roll of chart paper models. Computerized models for your laptop came out in the early 1990s and the software got better year after year.

Credibility: in many areas, a person can not become a law enforcement officer without first passing a polygraph test. Same with being hired by the FBI or other Federal investigative agencies.

There are 25 states that have NO state polygraph licensing, so starting a polygraph business there is quick. In those states you need two things: polygraph knowledge and polygraph equipment.

States with no state polygraph license:
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Washington state
Washington DC

There are four brands of modern computerized laptop polygraph equipment, look for best prices on new and used models. We tell you which to look for-- and which to avoid.

Los Angeles area. For more information, contact

Lie detector test in Los Angeles

 When you need a polygraph test in Los Angeles, you should contact


1. Los Angeles is the most populated city of the most populated county of California's 58 counties.

2. The senior examiner at has been testing since the 1980s, has tested more than 10000 persons, and is the choice of hundred of TV episodes and other media who need the highest accuracy for their audiences.

3. To make testing more affordable for more persons, has lowered their price to only $145 for a complete Federal-style computerized polygraph examination.

4. allows the client to write the one to four key questions to be used for their testing.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Lie detector test in Santa Clarita

 If you want to schedule a lie-detector test in Santa Clarita, contact for a test 7 days a week. Or nearby, in the San Fernando Valley, a test is only $145.

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