Friday, August 28, 2009

Utah County UT Sheriff's Department looking to contract exams

Utah County UT Sheriff's Departmentlooking to contract exams.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nationwide Network of Polygraph Examiners


Polygraph Examiners of America

(818) 883-6969

Friday, August 21, 2009

A niche specialty: polygraph exams for Immigration and Asylum

PEOA has sponsored several workshops for this specialty.

They are led by an examiner who specializes in these exams; see his website at for more details,

Requests for polygraph exams are increasing!

Multi-examinee (more than 2) exam requests are increasing.

Not counting the hundreds of 1-person and 2 person exam requests we receive, look at these that have come through PEOA this past month (will include some Canada requests too):

8/2009: Detroit MI
relationship- three persons.

8/2009: San Jose CA
3 family members need testing, money missing.

8/2009: Toronto Canada
Personal matter.

8/2009: Clemonton NJ
3 employees need testing; theft.

8/2009: Bridgeview IL
3 employees need testing.

8/2009: Halifax Nova Scotia Canada

8/2009: Sonora CA

8/2009: Jersey City NJ
multiple exams-- corruption arrests.

8/2009: Saskatoon Canada

8/2009: Las Vegas NV CA
2 days of exams needed for TV show.

8/2009: St John New Brunswick Canada

8/2009: Hollywood CA
On-air testing for a TV reality show.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

(short blurbs only, links to entire stories are sent directly to PEOA members)

City vehicle set on fire in Wilson vandalism spree
Investigators believe the suspects then went to two other officer's homes, slashing more tires. They say they do have suspects in mind. A polygraph is ...

Stengel won't pursue allegations against Pitino
Louisville Courier-Journal
Pence also said Pitino passed an independent polygraph examination "refuting" Sypher's allegations. U of L Athletic Director Tom Jurich issued a statement ...

Man accused of child molesting in New Albany
New Albany Tribune
According to court records, Askern failed an Indiana State Police polygraph examination about whether he had inappropriately touched the girl. ...

Missing boy's foster dad pleads for his return
San Francisco Chronicle
An attorney consulting with the couple said Ross took a polygraph test Wednesday, one day after police and FBI investigators with search dogs went through ...

Officer wins reinstatement
The board ruled Wednesday that the police department violated Officer Wiley Willis' rights because a polygraph expert failed to tape his examination of the ...

Board reinstates Willis, says city violated his rights
Shreveport Times
The Civil Service Board ruled that Willis' rights, under the Police Officer Bill of Rights, were violated because an expert failed to record a polygraph ...

Guyanese trade union rejects polygraphy of public servants
Caribbean Net News
Yarde is appealing to persons dismissed as a result of failing the polygraph test, to come in and make a report, regardless of whether or not that person is ...

One of missing boy's caretakers will take polygraph test
San Jose Mercury News
Well-known civil rights attorney John Burris said Wednesday that one of the caretakers will take a polygraph test, while the other will not because she is ...

Missing boy's foster father to take polygraph
San Jose Mercury News
A prominent Bay Area civil rights attorney says the foster father of a missing 5-year-old boy with cerebral palsy will take a polygraph test. ...

Burris: One of missing boy's caretakers will take polygraph test
San Jose Mercury News
... for a missing 5-year-old Fremont boy with cerebral palsy will take a polygraph test, while the other will not because she is six months pregnant. ...

Missing boy's relatives plead for his return
San Francisco Chronicle
An FBI expert will administer the polygraph, sources say. FBI Special Agent Joseph Schadler, a spokesman in the agency's San Francisco office, ...

HC posts Raju tests hearing on Aug 19
Daily News & Analysis
Hyderabad: The Andhra Pradesh High Court has posted the case on CBI conducting polygraph and brain mapping tests on B Ramalinga Raju and others to August 19 ...

23 questioned over missing money from county desk
AP - August 12, 2009 9:04 AM ET LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Pulaski County Comptroller Mike Hutchens says 23 employees will be given polygraph tests in the ...

GPSU assails gov't over arbitrary use of polygraphs
Stabroek News
The union's comments follow an announcement by lead government spokesperson Dr. Roger Luncheon who had said that the government has moved to add polygraph ...

Deputy resigns, avoids hearing
Marietta Times
"Would you take a polygraph concerning that?" the investigator asked. "Would you take one concerning the rest of this stuff?" the investigator asked. ...

To tell you the truth
Indian Express
But the polygraph test gave him away when he denied at having put up a show to gain media attention. Chaudhary insists the polygraph test is incorrect. ...

Government urged to regulate 'outrageous' reality shows
The National
Contestants on SKS are asked a series of increasingly personal questions while a polygraph tests the veracity of their answers. Critics say questions such ...

No sympathy for Michael Vick
But “Vick was administered a polygraph examination by the FBI. Vick failed the examination as it related to the killing of the dogs… ...

Guv for amending laws to deal with hi-tech crimes
Rising Kashmir - Srinagar,Jammu and Kashmir,India
... digital signatures, electronic records, computer data, DNA tests, narco analysis, brain mapping, lie detection, voice detection, photographic morphing etc

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lie-Detection In the News

(blurbs only; clickable links to entire stories are sent to PEOA members)

Job Of The Day: August 10, 2009
... a stringent background investigation, polygraph testing, psychological evaluation, a structured interview, and a medical examination/drug screening. ...

Guyana government committed to institutionalising integrity testing
Caribbean Net News
Dr Luncheon explained that it is the intention of Government to make the practice of polygraph testing an annual ritual that will ensure the public can have ...

About lying: who does it, and why - UK
First, let's assume lie detection is a skill like any other. The way you acquire and improve upon a skill is through practice. ...

Jerry Mitchell's story hints DeLaughter's polygraph motion is a ...
Yall Politics
"The judge has some discretion to introduce the polygraph test, but I think it faces an uphill battle, particularly one administered privately," said Matt ...

More law enforcers sacked after flunking polygraph tests
Stabroek News
He noted specifically that government has moved to add polygraph testing to the other tools used to implement the system in the services. ...

'Oh yeah, you're the best I've ever had'
Globe and Mail - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Lie-detection expert Paul Ekman, who consults for Fox's drama Lie To Me , says anyone can tell a liar by learning how to read facial cues, ...

Court still to okay polygraph test on Raju
Daily News & Analysis
Hyderabad: The Central Bureau of Investigation is still awaiting the court's direction for conducting a polygraph test on Satyam founder B Ramalinga Raju, ...

Dickie Scruggs pleads guilty . . . again . . . gets 7 years
Yall Politics
Secondly, Scruggs is cooperating fully with the Government and has submitted to a polygraph. That's big news. Jerry Mitchell was on the case. ...

NMC - DeLaughter's polygraph motion, letters from Frisby's ...
Yall Politics
The polygraph was by Wayne Humphreys of Bandon. He did the polygraph on December 21st at the request of Cynthia Speetjens, then DeLaughter's lawyer. ...

Victim is Focus
MyFox Houston
She's been given a polygraph test. The men haven't been polygraphed." "I don't think its right, but we're here to cooperate in any way we can, because we do ...

Houston Firefighter Gives Handwriting Sample (subscription)
Last week, Draycott voluntarily submitted to a polygraph test. Her attorney said it's not fair for investigators to single her out. ...

The Load of Lying: Testing for Truth
Ethiopian Review - Washington,DC,USA
[For more on lie detection, see “Portrait of a Lie,” by Matthias Gamer; Scientific American Mind, February/March 2009

When it comes to expert opinion, investigators turn to CFSL Chandigarh - New Delhi,India
CFSL is a pioneer in the country when it comes to polygraph (lie-detection tests). Since 2001, the laboratory has been a leader in genetic profiling in ...

Call off investigation: polygraph girl
Brisbane Times
A 14-year-old girl who revealed on-air during a controversial lie detector stunt that she had been raped has told NSW Police she does not want to proceed ...

" Feeney Reportedly Off Hook in Abramoff Probe "
Brad Blog
Despite Curtis' sworn affidavit, video-taped Congressional testimony, and successful polygraph test on the matter, Feeney has maintained his innocence in ...

Accusing firefighter undergoes writing analysis
But both were asked to undergo polygraph tests last week. And Draycott admits she's troubled by the focus investigators are placing them. ...

Administrative leaves cost taxpayers
Benson News Sun
Litchfield was given a polygraph test by Southwest Polygraph Service, Inc., on April 21. While the results of a polygraph test are inadmissible in court, ...

Man charged with fatally shaking baby
NBC2 News
Weekes had been scheduled to take a polygraph test Tuesday. Broward County Medical Examiner's Office reports that a July 24 autopsy shows the infant's death ...

Former Teacher Wants to Clear Her Name
WKRC TV Cincinnati
Howell says she's passed a polygraph and is frustrated that she still has to deal with the issue in court. "I'm able to go back and contradict everything ...

Female HFD firefighters discuss harassment claims with Mayor White
Texas Cable News
After a request from the Office of Inspector General, both women submitted to polygraph tests about the incident. Check back with for more on the ...

South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Orlando Sentinel
HOLLYWOOD - A day before he was to take a police polygraph test, a Hollywood man confessed to fatally shaking his girlfriend's 11-month baby because the ...

MASON COUNTY: Sex offender registers to live in Shelton
The Olympian
During a polygraph exam ordered by the Department of Corrections, he admitted sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl when he was 13 and a 7-year-old girl ...

New Bulgarian Teams Set to Fight Crime, Corruption
To protect classified information and ensure a professional attitude, the members of the team will have to undergo polygraph tests during the recruitment ...