Monday, September 30, 2013

How to increase your success rate with polygraph phone requests

Research shows: if you are a very busy polygraph examiner, you can ignore 'Blocked Number' calls!

For 4 years, PEOA has kept a specialized log of incoming calls from prospective clients and  examinees.


Calls from non-withheld, number-shown callers- about 60% actually had a polygraph examination done.

Calls from 'Blocked Number' or 'Withheld' callers: about 10% actually had a polygraph examination done.

Calls from one phone number whose message asked you to call them at another number, about 15% had a polygraph examination done.

Unusual polygraph request

A woman in Las Vegas is requesting a polygraph examination. Her husband was watching porn on the internet and thinks he saw her in a scene.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

More used computerized polygraph instruments needed!

We get requests several times each week. No charge to list yours here.

This should give polygraph more credibility

The Federal government recently arrested two men for teaching persons how to beat polygraph exams. Charged, one has already been given 8 months in prison.