Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

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Tiger Woods's alleged mistress denies affair
Hindustan Times
Uchitel, on her part, offered to take the polygraph test to counter the allegations, but the paper "refused it." Meanwhile, Tiger and his wife again ...

Tiger by the Tail: Avoidance, denials and alleged wrath of Woods' wife scorned
Monsters and
Enquirer sources, who passed polygraph tests, rat out Uchitel who shared that Tiger sent "sexting" messages to her, and was seeing the "party girl" since ...

Strip search security guards dismissed
Times LIVE
The officers and their supervisor were suspended the next day pending the outcome of an investigation, including polygraph tests. ...

HaLeigh Cummings case: Misty's father arrested, questioned about missing ...
In addition, in August, Misty reportedly failed several tests analyzing her veracity about the incident, including a voice analysis and polygraph ...

Offender may be going back to prison
KXO Radio
... verbal contact with a 17-year-old female, possessed sexually stimulating material, failed a polygraph test and had pepper spray in his possession. ...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Exam needed in Iguala Mexico

For a US immigration case.

Lie-Detection In The News

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Extracting truth from witnesses
Some police departments overseas use polygraphs in their investigations. FBI and CIA require polygraph tests before being employed in some jobs. ...

Lieberman demands polygraph tests over leaks within kitchen cabinet
By Barak Ravid Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is demanding that everyone who attended Sunday's meeting of the security cabinet undergo a polygraph test, ...

Feeling Nervous? 3000 Behavior Detection Officers Will Be Watching ...
truthout - Los Angeles,CA,USA
The positions require no scientific background; training in the art of lie detection takes place over the course of less than a week -- "four days of ...

Polygraph test in class
USD Volante Online
By JOSIE CLAREY With palms sweating and tensions high, two students should be taking a polygraph test today at 11 am as part of a political science Policing ...

Investigation into Lee sheriff's relationship with felon finds no wrongdoing
Naples Daily News
Another complaint alleged that polygraph records from Dominick Ferrante's test were intentionally destroyed after his test. Scott told local media that ...

Courtroom First: Brain Scan Used in Murder Sentencing
Wired News - USA
While the possibility of using fMRI data in a variety of contexts, particularly lie detection, has bounced around the margins of the legal system for years,

Ramblings of a desperate man
Times LIVE
The man resigned from his PSL general manager's job on Friday after he failed a lie-detector (polygraph) test. This after claims by discredited referee ...

Evidence-suppression hearing OK'd for woman charged with killing husband
The defense had hoped to have the jury hear testimony regarding a polygraph examination of a woman with whom Carl Bartley was allegedly having an affair. ...

Evidence suppression hearing OK'd for woman charged with killing husband
The defense had hoped to have a jury hear the results of a polygraph test. The defense said state police interviewed a woman with whom Carl Bartley ...

ARRIFLEX D-21 Captures Eclectic TV Slate
SHOOT Online - USA
Lie To Me stars Tim Roth as a lie detection specialist who determines the truth by interpreting body language and psychology. The show takes advantage of

Would Sach Ka Saamna be revived?
The show misuses polygraph machine conducted tests, exposing the contestant's private life in a callous manner. Is it fair to expose these facts of life ...

Ace set to do it for charity
Independent Online
"I will devote my full attention to those who need my advice and assistance back home," said Ncobo, whose resignation comes after he failed a polygraph test ...

Stepfather Pleads Not Guilty To Teen's Slaying
Court records indicate earlier this month, Shelby agreed to a polygraph test. They also say when police told him his test revealed he was not being truthful ...

Sentencing in child porn case set for Dec. 31
Akron Beacon Journal
31 to four years in prison if he passes a polygraph test relating to his offenses. Additionally, he is to register as a Tier II sex offender, ...

New PEOA member in: Africa

Watch for a profile soon!

Lie-Detection In The News

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Warrant: Man deceptive about his whereabouts
Iowa City Press Citizen
The affidavit states Marshall agreed to take a polygraph -- or lie detector -- test and failed. The polygraph test was administered again and Marshall "was ...

Prosecutor sued in teacher sex case
Among those were the polygraph test, the minor not being able to identify a tattoo on Howell's lower back, that Howell reported rumors about the incident to ...

Prosecutor sued in teacher sex case
The suit claims that Sanders told Howell's attorney, Patrick Moeves, that he didn't care whether the plaintiff had passed a polygraph by the Covington ...

Match-fixing row hits South Africa
BBC Sport
And once challenged, Ncobo - a former referee himself - offered to undergo a polygraph test to show he was telling the truth. However, last week, he failed ...

More info out on no-bid contracts
Madison Record
Riley to a polygraph test to see who is telling the truth about Johnson's charge that Riley accepted millions in Mississippi casino money in 2002 in his ...

CBI pegs Satyam scam losses at Rs 14000 cr
It has also identified Ramalinga Raju's properties worth Rs 350 crore, and is waiting for permission from the Andhra Pradesh High Court to conduct polygraph ...

Family, Friends Protest Drug Conviction
When the trial was over and the verdict handed down, the defense asked the jury what difference the polygraph results would have made in their decision. ...

Judge hears slain teen's 'dark secret' on tape
The hearing will resume today when Judge Conrad rules on whether to allow a private polygraph expert as the final witness for Mitchell. ...

The Science of Crime: Polygraph Exams
Polygraphs, or lie detectors, make for good comedy in movies. But, members of law enforcement say it's no laughing matter and is an important tool in ...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Major increase: exam requests from Canada

(Despite Canada being non-licensing, there are relatively few examiners there.)

Members Only discussion: What do YOU say when an examinee says he failed because the questions made him 'mad'?

On the private Members Only forum.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A legal medical marijuana dispensary in a beach city near Los Angeles needs 9 persons tested

Client requests a 'non-exCop examiner'
Must be knowledgeable about
--- non-employee status of dispensary 'volunteers'
--- expected effect on tracings of heavy marijuana users
--- separating acceptable in-store pinch-use from theft
Should have related dispensary-testing training ( or verifiable experience
Otherwise, is a theft of 'product' and cash exam

Note: if testing on-site, be aware of the heavy pungent odor at such small poorly ventilated facilities

New PEOA members this month: CA, FL, OH, TX, UT, WI


Saturday, November 14, 2009

San Diego CA: instrument needed for 1-day

City of Avondale AZ seeking bids for exams on an 'as needed' basis

Note: all bid bulletins posted here were sent directly to PEOA members at least 48 hours earlier, with complete details.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

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Spotting a liar and finding the truth
abc40 - Springfield,MA,USA
Tecce believes that blinking is a more fail-proof method for lie detection because it's hard to train yourself to control your blinking. ...

Axed 'Dancing' partners Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff deny datingReality TV World
... during last night's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live when asked by Kimmel if he was dating Smirnoff. "Would you be willing to submit to a polygraph test? ...

Hearing passed for man accused of child abuseBartlesville Examiner Enterprise
When questioned, Robinson reportedly denied doing anything inappropriate and told police that she and Wilson would both be willing to take a polygraph test. ...

Employer lie detector use 'grows'BBC Birmingham
Andrew Armstrong and Patrick Mulligan worked for West Midlands Police when they were seconded to St Lucia, where they were introduced to polygraphs. ...

Roseville / Day care owner appeals closure
Pioneer Press
Minge also questioned why polygraph tests, which he said had been widely criticized as unreliable, were used in the investigation. mcmillan said polygraphs ...

Triple killer begins life in prison
La Grande Observer
As part of the agreement with the DA, Cook gave a recitation of his crimes under polygraph. Cook said no one else was involved in the murders. ...

Baby Shannon case: 'She had everybody fooled' // REPORTS, 911 CALL
The News Herald
Eight days later, Baker took a polygraph test. Results were incomplete because Baker was stressed, obese and taking muscle relaxers, but the man who ...

Chargesheet to be submitted this week
Express Buzz
“The SIT has almost finished the investigation and has decided to submit the chargesheet based on the polygraph test conducted on the two accused, ...

Fort Hood officials call reports of 'Allahu akbar' cry 'speculation'
San Antonio Express
... that he researched the law and he actually made some very unprecedented rulings that allowed polygraph evidence to be entered in our case, ...

A special new lower-price liability insurance plan for polygraph examiners

Details only for PEOA members.

London England exam needed

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lie-Detection In the News

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Minivan News
Police have begun using polygraph or lie-detector tests for their investigations, Voice of Maldives reports. A polygraph is an instrument that measures and ...

Fishy business
Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel
After the hourly weigh-in was completed, the angler was asked to take a polygraph. This is required for all participants who catch the biggest bass of the ...

Husband cleared in cancer hoax
United Press International
He had taken and passed a polygraph test. Chen took the test under an agreement between his lawyers and prosecutors that he would be cleared if he passed. ...

Warrant to be released in Annie Le case
United Press International
Sources close to the case alleged Clark was arrested after police made a DNA match and he a failed polygraph and was observed with scratches on his body, ...

Polygraph test clears 'cancer patient' in wife's scam
Columbus Dispatch
By Dana Wilson DELAWARE, Ohio -- Phylip Chen jumped at the chance to take a polygraph test because he was certain it would finally prove that he was telling ...

Cop linked to robbery at gun store
Visayan Daily Star - Dumaguete City,Philippines
Once they have his name, he said they will subject him to finger print and lie detection tests to verify his participation in the incident. ...

Slain girl's stepfather reportedly admits to killing
Henderson Gleaner
According to the affidavit, police asked Shelby to take a polygraph test because of the “many changes of his version of the story.” Shelby agreed. ...

Arrest made in Laval corrections worker's killing
AOL Canada
... after police were alerted about her disappearance. Her on-again, off-again boyfriend Michel Trottier took and passed a polygraph test to clear his name.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

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Q&A With FBI Director Mueller
Secrecy News (blog)
As a result of polygraph testing, more than a thousand applications for employment at the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been rejected or otherwise ...

FBI Loses 40% of New Recruits to Failed Polygraph Tests
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III, responded in his answers that as many as 40 percent of special-agent recruits failed required polygraph tests during the ...

Scots sex beasts face lie detector tests and satellite tracking
Scottish Daily Record
He was responding to a call from Tory Bill Aitken to introduce polygraph tests and satellite tracking to monitor sex offenders. ...

Police clear Yosef Espinoza, suspected Teitel accomplice
Jerusalem Post
... who had been suspected of helping alleged Jewish terrorist Ya'acov Teitel, was released by police on Thursday after passing a polygraph test. ...

Josh Duhamel's Stripper Affair Works Hard For Her $$$$! (blog)
They complied at first, but changed their mind once they found Nicole's story and the polygraph credible - asking Duhamel's lawyers to disprove it! ...

Judge orders documents turned over to defense in Jabalee case
The Detroit News
Jabalee's attorney, Stephen Rabaut, said he's still waiting for various FBI reports, including a polygraph test conducted for Jabalee and documentation ...

On Sanibel, parents vent over principal
The News-Press
One child's parents paid for their son to take a polygraph in hopes of clearing him, but parent Rebecka Evans said those results then were used to coax a ...

Justices Weigh Opening Prosecutors Up To Lawsuits
He also initially got wrong the site of the shooting and the weapon, and failed a polygraph test. Harrington and McGhee were convicted by an all-white jury ...

Fraud charge dropped
Toronto Sun
The Crown dropped the charges against Long, who passed a polygraph "with flying colours," said defence lawyer Calvin Barry. "He had no knowledge that the ...

Florence Police Officer Under Investigation Resigns
According to Cooper, an employee can be required to take a polygraph test to determine if any city policy was violated. Any information received through ...

What happened to baby Gabriel?
Daily Commercial
And, he is the same suspect that Lake County Sheriff's detectives said had two misses on a polygraph test stemming from the murder case. ...

Gorcyca faces misconduct charges again
Detroit Free Press
When a new trial was eventually granted, Gorcyca issued a news release in February 2007 questioning why Perry wouldn't take a polygraph test. ...

Orange County CA Probation Department seeking PCSOT bids

Title Polygraph Examination of Adult Sex Offenders-Post Conviction
Standard Disclaimer The County of Orange is not responsible for and accepts no liability for any technical difficulties or failures that result from conducting business electronically.
Description The County of Orange acting through its Probation Department invites vendors to participate in the following bidding opportunity: POLYGRAPH EXAMINATION OF ADULT SEX OFFENDERS-POST CONVICTION.

Bidders' Qualifications and Requirements:
Bidders shall be required to present satisfactory evidence that they have been regularly engaged in the business of administering polygraph examinations for at least the last three (3) consecutive years, which shall include examinations specific to adult sex offenders of the types described in Section V.1.0 (Scope of Work, Types of Polygraph Examinations to be Performed by CONTRACTOR). Bidders shall be required to provide information and/or proof regarding the number of years they have provided the services required by this solicitation; at a minimum, this will be evidenced by completion of the Reference Section on page 11 of this solicitation. Bidders shall be required to meet any other legal, license or certificate requirements that are necessary to enable them perform the services specified in this solicitation.

Contractor's polygraph testing facility shall be centrally located in Orange County with easy accessibility to public transportation.

This bid requires a paper response. Vendors will not be able to respond to this bid electronically.

Sealed responses must be received by 4:00 p.m. pst, November 23, 2009 – No late bids will be accepted regardless of the degree of lateness or the reason.

For complete bid information, vendors may obtain a paper copy of this solicitation by downloading a bid packet on this screen under "Documents".

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Disney science-type TV show needs analog instrument and examiner.

Burbank, California