Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Learn Polygraph and Lie Detection: seminars and workshops

Learn Polygraph and Lie Detection: seminars and workshops

Polygraph facts:
-- there is no state polygraph license in 25 states
-- polygraph is typically the highest-paid-per-hour of the investigative specialties
-- the most common testing is for relationship (infidelity) and for theft
-- in many states it averages less than one private examiner active per county
-- polygraph is computerized on a laptop; no more roll of chart paper with moving pens

Ask about the polygraph basics / fundamentals seminars and workshops led by veteran examiners; group or one-one-one

818 883-6969

Florida polygraph examiners needed

If you are a competent examiner and have a current polygraph business with room for a few extra referrals per week, contact PEOA at 818 883-6969.

PEOA's 300+ polygraph webpages are bring in in more calls in this area that can currently be handled same-day.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Examiners: if you are to be credible enough to obtain the truth, you should also tell the truth

One examiner who tells callers that he is "the best polygraph examiner in the nation" also lists on his resume that he was the 'technical consultant' for a specific law enforcement TV drama.

However, the TV show that interviewed him for that possible assignment also interviewed another examiner the next day; the TV show chose to use the other examiner instead.

The self-proclaimed 'best examiner in the nation' was never hired by the TV show. The TV show never paid him a cent. They never brought him on set.

The TV show chose his competitor after the same TV team had interviewed both. The competitor did the assignment (an episode that involved polygraph) on set and was paid.

If one listing on a resume' is a lie, that squashes the credibility of anything else listed on the resume'.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lie detector test in Washington DC

Polygraph Washington DC HERE

Polygraph test in Fresno

Need a lie detector test in Fresno?


Scranton PA exam needed for DR Phil's new TV show 'Face The Truth'

Face The Truth, Dr Phil's new TV show, needs a man tested in Scranton Pennsylvania.

(Man was tested in Los Angeles county by a retired pd examiner who said Deception Indicated, man is adamant that the examiner is wrong, wants re-testing)


Lie detector test in Baltimore