Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

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'We won't compromise on Mandela'
He said African workers were subjected to polygraph tests while their white counterparts were not. The marchers also demanded the immediate dismissal of a ...

Lee, Collier restaurateur bonds out of jail on child molestation charge
Naples Daily News
Detective Amy Locasto called Luangamath and he agreed to take a polygraph exam on Sept. 16 at the Sheriff's Office. When sheriff's Sgt. Scott Walters, ...

Dulin jailed again for probation violation
Connecticut Post
2 at the 7 Seas Restaurant, but ruled that Dulin had violated his probation by not agreeing to a polygraph test and other conditions of his probation. ...

Q&A With FBI Director MuellerSecrecy News (blog)
As a result of polygraph testing, more than a thousand applications for employment at the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been rejected or otherwise ...

Guangdong uses lie detector in corruption probe
Shanghai Daily
The Dongguan City People's Procuratorate showcased the polygraph during an open day for the public yesterday, today's Nanfang Daily reported. ...

Irving narcotics detective suspended over missing evidence
Dallas Morning News
Ryan also passed a polygraph exam about her claim that a senior narcotics dectetive officer told her she could throw the evidence away. ...

Tinsley's Faux Reality; The Divine Ms. Madonna
Duhamel is denying it but the Enquirer says the stripper passed a "rigorous polygraph." So either he's lying and will soon be busted, the woman is a total ...

Josh Duhamel Denies Stripper Shagging, Calls Charges "Ridiculous"
But there's no proof of these polygraph results; and other outlets, such as E! News, state Forrester's attorney also contacted them, ...

Forensic Vetting will 'save firms thousands'
Forensic Vetting involves the use of polygraph testing. Polygraph testing, sometimes called lie detector testing, is widely used in the USA and is a method ...

Questions linger in disappearances
The Spokesman Review
But Spokane detectives, a polygraph expert and Rose believe the couple's son, Frank Pozar Jr., killed them. Police say Pozar has been in and out of jail ...

Lomita grandfather convicted of molesting 2 girls
Contra Costa Times
Family members said Senter took and passed a polygraph examination after his arrest on Sept. 24, 2008. Westlund said that polygraph examination results are ...

Lie detector tests for known sex offenders
Lincolnshire Echo
The 90-minute polygraph tests are designed to assess whether subjects are abiding by their licence conditions, which could require paedophiles to stay away ...

Parents Face Abuse Charges
Wheeling Intelligencer
Allman also said in the complaint that Conner failed a polygraph as well, telling police she was afraid to tell the truth because she would get in trouble. ...

Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement (MAPPA) Beacon of Best Practice In ...
eGov monitor
The Ministry of Justice is now piloting mandatory polygraph tests for sex offenders in the community. The tests will help us determine whether the polygraph ...

Finding Timmy's killer: Family seeks answers 32 years after son's death
The Detroit News
Later that same year, the Wayne County prosecutor's office filed an investigative subpoena compelling a polygraph examiner to testify before Wayne County ...

North Country Gazette
North Country Gazette
He volunteered to submit to submit to a polygraph, or “any number of polygraph examinations, by examiners not of my choosing, on any of the issues…or on any ...

Kaine's decision in Carpitcher clemency petition rests on changing testimony
Roanoke Times
The following month, a polygraph test supports the girl's recantation. January 2002: The Innocence Project, a network of lawyers devoted to freeing the ...

Alleged victim says he didn't lie about coach
Coos Bay World
According to the letter, the Coquille Police Department had asked him to take a polygraph test earlier this month. But the man said in the letter that the ...

Track coach reacts to dismissal of sex abuse case 11
... charge has been dropped, she is bothered that the District Attorney didn't come out and say she is innocent, even after she passed two polygraph tests. ...

Friday, October 30, 2009

2009 Axciton computerized instrument for sale

virtually new
2009 model
has 'White Star' option

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Instrument rental needed in Orlando FL

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Will the contractor take the test?!

New York City:
--Kitchen remodel
--contractor asks for a $5000 payment
--customer opens safe, there is $28000 in cash inside envelope
--customer takes $5000 from envelope, puts it in another envelope
--customer gives contractor envelope, contractor leaves
--one week later, customer checks safe, discovers he gave contractor the wrong ($23000) envelope
--contractor claims to only have received $5000

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Don't wear a sock that has a hole in it!

If you do enough mobile polygraph exams, eventually you will arrive at the home of an examinee who belongs to a culture where all shoes are left at the door-- no exceptions.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

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Video: Nicole Howell teacher accused of having sex with student found not guilty
She passed the polygraph test, and spoke out in court in her own defense in an attempt to clear her own name. Howell, 26 was found not guilty, but said that ...

Two jailed men cleared in 1997 Dallas murder case
The arrests clear the way for the exoneration of Simmons and Scott, both of whom have already passed polygraph exams. Both men have always maintained their ...

Fired female officer files harassment complaint
Prattville Progress
Based on Fulmer's investigation and recommendations, a polygraph test was scheduled for both parties. On Aug. 20, at 8:15 am, Spraggins was given a test by ...

Officers hired to oversee convicted sex offenders
Charleston Gazette
The supervision includes polygraph tests and electronic monitoring. The officers were hired as part of the Child Protection Act of 2006. ...

Watch Tony Stewart Take LIVE BK Polygraph Today; Bid On Estrada Glasses!
Autochannel (press release)
REMINDER - TONY STEWART TAKING POLYGRAPH TEST TODAY! He says he loves the WHOPPER(r). And he'll take a polygraph administered by John Grogan to prove it. Watch Burger King put Tony ...

Police 'fooled' during internal probe
Steamboat Pilot
Vanatta said his department interviewed Johnson and Merwin, as well as made Johnson take a polygraph test administered by the Mesa County Sheriff's Office. ...

Carty indicted again in 1982 Lower Township slaying
Press of Atlantic City
Batten also found that a detective improperly told the grand jury that Carty was "highly deceptive" during a polygraph examination when that was not an ...

Polygraph proves Tony Stewart does love the Whopper
Tony Stewart proved he loves the Whopper in live polygraph. Shown is recent Burger King Commercial Tony Stewart's live polygraph test administered by John Grogan to prove ...

Raju unwilling to undergo tests
Daily News & Analysis
Hyderabad: B Ramalinga Raju, the jailed founder-chairman of SatyamComputer Services, is not willingto go through the polygraph and brain mapping tests to be ...

Court orders CSIS to hand over secret file
The Canadian Press
In his ruling, Noel said CSIS "undermined the integrity" of the court's work by failing to disclose relevant details of a polygraph examination of another ...

Vernon Woman Charged With Lying About Assault
Hartford Courant
Police said they eventually discovered the call was a hoax. Fish failed a polygraph exam and confessed to making up her complaint, police said.

Last convicted murderer of medical student is released
Slovak Spectator
At that time Andrášik and Kocúr did not take the polygraph tests because they were incarcerated in Leopoldov prison and the prison's director refused their ...

Bravata investors unlikely to recover funds, official says
Kalamazoo Gazette -
Bravata, who was charged with investment fraud by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in July, said Monday that he passed a polygraph examination that ...

AP HC posts hearing to conduct lie detector tests on Ramalinga Raju
Economic Times
The apex investigation body wanted the three to undergo a lie detector and polygraph test as the trio refused to divulge any crucial information when ...

FBI Joins Investigation Of Brighton Businessman
Bravata is due in federal court tomorrow for an evidentiary hearing in the civil case, where he's also seeking to have results of a polygraph exam admitted ...

Missing Polk County woman's husband re-files for divorce
WQOW TV News 18
... kids and he wants sole custody so he re-filed. Police have said a number of times that he's not a suspect. He passed a polygraph after she disappeared.

7 troopers lose pay in Rider case
The Star-Ledger -
That probe was dropped in July 2008 after the troopers passed polygraph tests and provided DNA samples. Lawyers for the troopers have said the off-duty ...

Heene parents could lose children over balloon boy hoax
The Sheriff's office did ask the family to take a polygraph on Saturday. They didn't ask the family to do the test on Friday because of the stress the ...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 best places to market your polygraph services to!

1. The public
2. Criminal-defense attorneys
3. Moving & storage companies
4. Carpet-cleaning companies
5. In-home health care providers
6. Relationship therapists
7. Pizza restaurant franchisees
8. Temp agencies
9. HR departments of large firms
10. Marijuana dispensaries (in the 13 states that allow these)

--courtesy of John Grogan at

Monday, October 19, 2009

A potential client asks: "What is a 'certified' examiner?"

Most nationwide polygraph organizations do NO 'certifying'; they leave that up to 'local' polygraph groups.

Most local polygraph groups will 'allow' their PAID members to say that they are 'certified' for that year if they say they had a minimum of 12 hours of education that year-- and if they PAY THEM A FEE! Most members, receiving no credible education during that year, instead choose to attend that group's yearly social get-together: which (for a fee!) just happens to 'also' satisfy their minimum education hours to 'allow' them to say they are 'certified'!

PEOA (www.peoa.US) requires the highest hours in the lie-detection profession-- a minimum of 15 hours per year-- for their yearly 'certified' designation. Polygraph Examiners of America, the world's largest lie-detection network, makes available to its members a choice of venues for FREE continuing education hours every year.

If you are considering the hiring of an examiner who claims to be 'certified', you might ask him/her exactly what & when recent training he/she claims was the source of their CURRENT certification-- then verify it. If it came from a group that does not have its own phone number for such verification, then, oh well.

PEOA verifies its member's certifications at 818-883-6969.

Q: What does a same-topic 'comparison question' become if you forget to include a timebar?

A. Another 'relevant question'.

Analog 'Technical Tip':

If the blood-pressure cuff will not hold pressure, check the (little used) vent knob. Hidden amongst sensitivity knobs and others, verify that it is solidly closed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

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Bravata offers to take polygraph test
Livingston Daily
The Associated Press said Bravata is due in court Wednesday for an evidentiary hearing and that Bravata's lawyer hopes the judge will consider the polygraph ...

Ex-drama coach heads to jail in sex case
Nevada Appeal
He also noted that Beeson passed a polygraph examination. Grant disputed the polygraph results, saying she had submitted the test to two independent ...

Brookdale Inn owner arrested for alleged workers compensation problems
San Jose Mercury News
Boulder Creek Fire Chief Kevin McClish said federal officials might order polygraph tests, but he did not know who might be questioned. ...

Court of public opinion finds Heene family full of hot air
Fox 31
“Let's cut to the chase…that father needs to take a polygraph, period,” said one caller who phoned into 850 KOA radio. The suspicion in the community seems ...

Defendant in alleged Ponzi investment scheme agrees to polygraph test
Crain's Detroit Business
John Bravata, one defendant in the case, said he will submit to a polygraph test, to clear himself of allegations of fraud. Principals with the firms are ...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lie-Detection In The News

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Defendant in alleged Ponzi investment scheme agrees to polygraph test
Crain's Detroit Business
John Bravata, one defendant in the case, said he will submit to a polygraph test, to clear himself of allegations of fraud. Principals with the firms are ...

John Bravata says polygraph will prove his innocence in investment fraud case
In a motion filed Thursday with the US District Court in Detroit, Bravata said he will complete a polygraph examination before an Oct. 21 court hearing that ...

Mich. money manager says he'll take polygraph
Fox 28
Bravata's lawyer, Gregory Bartko, hopes the judge will consider the polygraph results. The Securities and Exchange Commission accuses Bravata and a partner ...

Sheriff Gobble: Criminal Investigations
The Chattanoogan
The Polygraph and Computer Crimes Unit is responsible for assisting every detective with polygraph examinations when needed during the course of criminal ...

Do people have "odorprints"?
Scientists are also working on the ability to sniff out the smell of fear, perhaps adding to lie detection techniques employed by government agencies and ...

9th Circuit case argued from Billings by videoconference
Billings Gazette
Judge Jonnie B. Rawlinson confirmed no polygraph test had been given to Wayne Deputee, who confessed to the crime but at trial claimed he was coerced into ...

New Potential Suspect In Art Theft Investigation
Harvard Crimson
The investigators have asked Kennaugh and Amadio to take polygraph tests but they have both declined, according to Richards. “The bottom line is that this ...

The Polygraph Examination (press release)
For anyone being investigated for, or charged with, a criminal sexual conduct offense, a polygraph examination might mean the difference between being ...

Former school employee admits to theft
Greene County Daily World
He denied taking the money and agreed to taking a polygraph test. According to the court document, mcfadden "failed the polygraph and during the audio/video ...

Ensley charged with murder in father's death
That interview included a polygraph test, but Kirby said he was unable to disclose the results of that polygraph. Following that interview, however, ...

Criminals lies can be detected by drawing
Southern Daily Echo - Southampton,England,UK
Half of the volunteers were instructed to lie about where the exchange took place ... potential for taking drawing seriously as a useful lie detection tool. ...

Oprah Sued
WDEF News 12

Research highlights drawing as lie detection technique
Ireland Online - Dublin,Ireland
"This means the liar is unprepared and must do it without planning, and research indicates that people lie better when they have had time to plan their

Polygraph test on gangsters begins
Express Buzz
ALAPPUZHA: The polygraph test on Omprakash and Puthenpalam Rajesh, gangsters accused in the Paul murder case, began on Monday at the Forensic Science ...

Calling in sick to work
Career FAQs - Sydney,Australia
Some larger companies in the UK are now cracking down on employee absenteeism by taking things a step further and using lie detection technology

People: Flight attendant sues Oprah Winfrey over airplane sex allegations.
San Jose Mercury News
Gehrls claims in the suit she and Pansing were fired after the allegations were made, despite the fact that the they both took, and passed, polygraph tests. ...

Flight attendant sues Oprah saying: "I did not sleep with your pilot!"
The flight attendant, 39-year-old Corrine Gehrls, was fired, as was the chief pilot Terry Pansing, even though both have passed a polygraph test about the ...

Teen given probation for assault on school bus
Other terms of probation include submitting to polygraph examinations, having no unsupervised contact with children in certain circumstances and not holding ...

Gubernatorial Candidates Reaching For Moral High Ground
Insider Advantage Georgia
First, Gary Horlacher, a Peachtree City Democrat running for secretary of state, released five years of tax returns and even took a polygraph to swear he ...

Political notebook : Polygraph derails apparent 'gotcha' involving lobbyist
Arizona Daily Star
He gave his client a copy of the polygraph to distribute to wary lawmakers with an ear for gossip. A lobbyist passed a lie detector test. Who'da thunk it. ...

'She had an obsession with me. I couldn't take it'
Winnipeg Free Press
He initially denied involvement, even volunteering to take a polygraph test, but broke down following hours of questioning. "I've been living a lie," he ...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Unusual polygraph request!

Kenmore WA:
A contractor received a complaint today about a subcontractor he was using.
The client (homeowner) said that the night before, he (client) had opened a whiskey bottle, drank a very small amount, and closed the bottle. Now the next day, the bottle was half empty, and since the subcontractor had been working in that room-- the client said the subcontractor must have consumed the whiskey.
Examination details to follow, if it happens . . .

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alaska Department of Corrections seeking bids for PCSOT exams

Alaska Department of Corrections seeking bids for PCSOT exams

Based in Bethel Alaska

Sunday, October 11, 2009

100 websites directing work to PEOA members!

Members of www.peoa.US receive the benefit of 100 websites directing potential clients to them. In a slow economy, this outstanding marketing coverage is superb.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Phoenix Arizona: DOT looking to contract polygraph examinations

Lie-Detection In The News

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Bodybuilding qualifier set for Saturday at Olympia
Every athlete is drug tested with a polygraph for steroids, growth hormone and all other banned substances. Overall winners are also urine tested. ...

Polygraphs an issue in HRM contract talks
By MICHAEL LIGHTSTONE City Hall Reporter The contentious issue of polygraphs for municipal employees is back at Halifax city hall — this time, ...

Umar Naseer summoned to Police station on charges of assault
Haveeru Online
I told them I was ready to take a polygraph test even, since apparently the Police are equipped with a polygraph machine. I urged them to do that even so ...

NASCAR star to take Whopper polygraph test
... for the Whopper will be put to the test. The racing star will take part in a live polygraph test on the web, where he'll be grilled about his endorsement.

WTKR Your NewsChannel 3

Pilferage problem: Can we require all our warehouse workers to ...
Business Management Daily
Can we require our warehouse employees to submit to polygraph tests? A. No, not under those circumstances. The Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 ...

Sheriff's Office Looking for New Reserve Deputies
Candidates will be required to submit to a psychological evaluation, a medical examination, a polygraph examination and a drug screen and be subject to an ...

Hughes reinstated as police officer
Hughes was fired in July after she filed a sexual harassment complaint against the department and underwent a polygraph examination. ...

Dugaw says those allegations were unsubstantiated as his client had been cleared by investigations and even a volunteer polygraph test. ...

Bacolod's airport manager relieved from post
News Today Online
Recently, the National Bureau of Investigation Bacolod through Mamerto Cortez, conducted a polygraph or lie detection tests on eight persons believed to be ...

Catalano vows to continue race
Myrtle Beach Sun News
Catalano, 71, held a news conference Thursday, after hiring an independent contractor to administer a polygraph test Wednesday, to declare she had passed a ...

Army to mother: 'Nothing more can be done' in probe of Iraq vet's ...
Colorado Springs Gazette
Polygraph tests, grand jury subpoenas and a $10000 reward have led nowhere. 的 agree that someone who knew him knows more than they are saying; however, ...

Ex-prosecutor admits he lied about Polanski case
He agreed to take a polygraph test to set the record straight. Polanski was arrested last weekend in Switzerland on a 1978 fugitive warrant and will fight ...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Washington DC TV documentary company wants to film a live exam in Alpine TX

An example of an unusual polygraph request today:

Mobile Alabama
7 employees need to be tested
A vending-machine servicing company
"Irregularities' occuring
Call Xxxxxx at (xxx) xxx-xxxx

Lie-Detection In The News

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Sex offender's violation: Living with his own children
Waterbury Republican American
Jose Torres, 47, of 463 Main St. in Torrington, admitted to officials during a polygraph test conducted Feb. 2 that he had inappropriate contact with at ...

Former mayor lodges challenge to Lisbon
Laois Nationalist
He also challenged the members of the Oireachtas to take a polygraph during the court hearing into his challenge, should it be granted, and intends fighting ...

Hoover speaks out: Never 'failed' lie detector test
Macon County News
Nor was he presumed innocent by state SBI agents, who may well have egregiously mishandled Hoover's interrogation and the administration of a polygraph test ...

Court overturns Irwin conviction
The Review
Pike believed Todd and threw out the motion, taking note of polygraph tests taken by the two which showed Todd to be truthful and Beaver to not be truthful. ...

Narco test plea postponed
Express Buzz
ALAPPUZHA: The judgement on the petition moved by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) for conducting narco-analysis test and polygraph test on gangsters ...

Court seeks affidavit on details
Express Buzz
According to article 20(3) of the Constitution, the results of narco analysis and polygraph test cannot be considered as evidence. ...

'I-5 Strangler' Pleads Guilty to 6 Murders
About - News & Issues (blog)
Under the condition of the plea agreement Kibbe agreed to cooperate with law enforcement, talk to a psychologist, submit to polygraph tests and attempt to ...

Man Accused In Cancer Scam To Take Polygraph Test
Prosecutors agreed to drop the charges against Phylip Chen if he can pass a polygraph test, 10TV News reported. Chen is scheduled to take the test before ...