Sunday, March 21, 2021

Do you need to appeal the results of a polygraph test?

 Information on appealing a polygraph can be found at .

In most areas, a person must first pass a polygraph test to become a police officer.

Some weeks, about 1/3 of the test-takers are said to have been 'deceptive' (failed).

Most of those test-takers watch their potential future career end that day.

But were they lying?

Other things can cause fail results.

When an appeal is something to be considered, has examiners far more experienced than those working for the police departments. Examiners make mistakes.

First things to do if you are told that you did not pass a police job polygraph test:

1. Write down ALL questions you were required to answer Yes or No to during your polygraph test, even if they sounded dumb or a waste of time.

2. Write down ALL instructions you were told to follow during the test (if your examiner forgot a key one, that alone could make you fail).

AppealPolygraph will NOT help you to 'beat' or 'trick' a test. It can look for reasons you did not pass your test other than lying, and can provide a proper testing to make sure you are treated fairly.

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